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Aug 20, 2015 12:04 PM ET

Archived: Goal Journal: a very simple, intuitive and practical tool for setting and achieving goals

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 20, 2015

Goal Journal

About the project

The Goal Journal is a very simple, intuitive and practical tool for setting and achieving goals. It can accommodate up to 15 goals! On the surface, the Goal Journal is similar to an A5 day planner. However, it’s not a day planner as such but a journal dedicated only for goals and nothing else.

We all want to achieve something in life; we have our dreams and goals. But there is always the likelihood that our dreams and goals may never materialize, and problems of life and daily affairs may come to the forefront and steal all our attention. One of the reasons for such situations is the lack of accessible and understandable tools that can enable us set and achieve our goals. We have created the Goal Journal – From Thoughts to Actions, so that more people can realize their dreams and achieve their goals. The Goal Journal helped us to create a product and launch a company on this site. With this journal, we were able to overcome barriers and make decisions. Please help us to convey the message about the Goal Journal to your friends and acquaintances.

Goal Journal

The Journal is very simple to use. It consists of the following tools:

Goal setting template:

This tool allows you to lay out all the steps to achieving your goals.

How to fill in the goal setting template:

Now that we have laid the route to our goal, we need to act day by day to achieve the goal. To this end, we create to-do lists for the day.

To-do lists for the day. Page tabs:

To move closer to your goal each day, it is very important to write down the to-do list for the day on stickers (76*76). This will considerably save you working space in the Journal. The sticker with a to-do list can be removed from the journal and carried along with you to remember to perform all the tasks scheduled. The to-do list for the day allows you to deal with specific tasks and eliminates the need to engage in all things at once. The to-do list for tomorrow involves planning for the day ahead. To easily find a page with a to-do list for today (tomorrow), you can paste the sticker in the form of an arrow pointing towards the center of the goal image as a target.

Stock-taking table:

The very simple table for taking stock of work done for the day is filled in based on the to-do list for the day. There are 2 columns to fill in. The table is designed for three months of stock taking. If more than three months are required to achieve your goals, you can use the correction tape.

Barrier-overcoming table:

If your movement towards the goal has slowed down or even stopped, you need to pay attention to the barriers preventing you from reaching your goal and their causes. It is important to find the right cause of the obstacles and eliminate its effect.

Solution-finding table:

Lack of accurate information and doubt may impede achievement of your goal. On the other hand, availability of accurate information and confidence in the decisions taken can accelerate achievement of your goal. The Goal Journal contains a table that enables you to find answers to questions and solutions with the help of well-planned actions.

To-do list:

This list can contain non-urgent tasks, which, for one reason or the other, you don’t want to put into the to-do list for today (tomorrow). The list can also accommodate tasks from the to-do list for today, whose execution may be postponed. We recommend that all interesting ideas on how to achieve a goal should be recorded here as soon as they emerge in your head so that you don’t forget them later.

Pages for notes:

The Journal contains pages for writing notes. Here you can write all the information relevant to the goal: phone numbers, addresses and other useful notes.

List of goals achieved. Instructions for the Goal Journal:

There is a table at the end of the Journal. It is used to keep a list of goals achieved. The table is a kind of wall of fame, where your achievements are recorded. It’s always pleasant to open this list and look at your victories.

The instruction for the Goal Journal contains helpful tips and advice on how to use the Journal and how to achieve your goals.

The project mission

The project mission is to help people achieve their goals and turn their dreams into reality. If you want to help us promote the product please contact us by sending an email to helpgoaljournal@gmail.com

Contact Information:

Goal Journal team

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