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Aug 20, 2015 10:30 AM ET

Archived: Chalk Couture Brings Popular Magnetic Chalkboards to Kickstarter

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 20, 2015


Salt Lake City, Utah – A new Kickstarter campaign was just launched this week by Chalk Couture, a designer chalkboard company. Their chalkboards have already been creating a buzz across Utah and the rest of America. Men and women will now have the opportunity to help fund Chalk Couture’s new mobile app, their mobile magnet subscription plan, and a new store in Salt Lake City.


“People fall in love and lose sleep thinking about everything they can do with these magnetic chalkboards. Most of the time they are so happy with their purchase, they hug us,” says Tara Roark, Creator of Chalk Couture. “They love the beauty, versatility, and possibilities. Once seeing one, they say they have to have it in their home.”


Chalk Couture has become extremely popular because of their chic, designer magnetic chalkboards. Chalkboards are the easiest way to add a graphic pop to a home. They can be changed at any time simply by placing or rearranging different magnets or by using Chalk Couture’s chalk transfers and chalk paste. It is the ultimate home decor piece that makes it almost effortless to decorate for special occasions and holidays.


Roark came upon the concept for Chalk Couture by happenstance. She decided to utilize a chalkboard to showcase her art at a craft fair. When people started dropping by her exhibit, a strange pattern began to occur.


“All people wanted to know is where they could buy the chalkboard. This is when I knew I had something,” Roark says.


She has not stopped since the craft fair. Roark knew she was the perfect person to bring these magnetic chalkboards to the market because of her artistic vision and special skillset using a laser cutting machine, CNC Router, and water jet cutting machine. There is no stopping her now. However, for Chalk Couture to make it to the next level of chic, this new Kickstarter campaign needs to reach its funding goal.


Consider donating as little as one dollar to help the project come to life. For smaller donations, donors receive the opportunity to be first in line for new products and also receive small gifts of appreciation. For larger donations, some donors may receive studio time and dinner, including hotel, with Roark, along with an assortment of exciting products. Additionally, the leading donors will have three, large chalkboards donated to newly built South American schools in their name.


For more information about joining Chalk Couture’s campaign, visit Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1281117648/chalk-couture-ultimate-magnetic-chalkboards-and-mo, the Chalk Couture website: www.chalkcouture.com or email Chalk Couture: info@chalkcouture.com.

Contact Information:

The Chalk Couture website: www.chalkcouture.com or email Chalk Couture: info@chalkcouture.com

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