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Aug 20, 2015 6:33 PM ET

Archived: Buy and remodel a Restaurant: to buy a closed restaurant/bar and turn it into a Soda Bar and Diner

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 20, 2015

Buy and remodel a Restaurant

I am Matthew Woods, I have lived in my community for 14 years. When I moved here in high school I fell in love with the area and all the outlying communities. Since high school I have received several years of customer service experience including some in the food industry. After joining the Armed Forces and receiving a medical discharge from basic training, I entered the security industry for a few years. Now I am looking to get involved with the community I love so much. 3 years ago I started volunteering with a non profit Key Peninsula Fair Association which organized and operated KeyFest a community fair for the Key Peninsula. 

I want to buy a closed restaurant/bar and turn it into a Soda Bar and Diner with a separate conference room. The restaurant has a second party room in a lower level for billiards, arcade, and table games. My community is a rural area with very diverse demographics and can benefit largely by having a youth and young adult fun center. I want to help my community to grow in a clean and safe environment and if I can give them a place to play and socialize we can bring more to this area. Once the business is established I will to give back to the community in any way I can.

Once it is remodeled and open, families will be able to come and enjoy all ages fun with pool tables, air hockey, and arcades of various games. When they get hungry they can come sit at a 50’s style diner bar and enjoy making custom sodas and espressos while ordering burgers and deli sandwiches. 

Buying the restaurant at $500,000.00, I am budgeting a $125,000.00 remodel, $75,000.00 unforeseen expenses and advertising, while anticipating a $20,000.00 first year operating cost with a $30,000.00 first year living expense.

Any donation is appreciated. If you donate $25.00 you get a 10% discount food voucher. Or donate $50.00 get a 20% discount food voucher.

Please contribute and help get the Key Peninsula a family fun center! And share this campaign with all your friends and family!

Contact Information:

Matthew Woods

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