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Aug 19, 2015 9:44 EST

vOOrka: Hands-free biometric authentication platform for traditional in-store payments – We support all major payment methods including Bitcoin

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 19, 2015



vOOrka is a Hands-free biometric authentication platform for traditional in-store payments, controlled access, ID and Age verification. It functions via fingerprint sensor device attached to merchants’ point of sale checkout terminals. vOOrka stores and provides users’ payment information, matching it with their biometric record. We enable buyers to make payments by simply touching the store’s fingerprint reader during check out.

Since our product provides hands free way of payment it entirely eliminates exposure to theft, burglary, over-the-counter fraud and keeps users’ private information hidden. We are using biometric hardware and technology that has been accredited and used by FBI and Lockheed Martin for several years. We are not storing any biometric data – only encrypted references. Our process and platform makes fingerprints impossible to replicate and use to breach our security.

We started vOOrka as a solution for over-the-counter fraud, inconvenience of loosing a wallet and vulnerability of private and financial information exposure.

Banks a Merchants loose over 11 Billion Dollars a year in over the counter fraud.
Consumers struggle replacing wallet contents and exposing private and financial information during checkout.

Our solution saves Banks and Merchants billions of dollars in litigations and fraud detection services, and gives a consumer a piece of mind and unbeatable convenience.

We have interviewed 420 retail business owners questioning their hardships. As a result, we got 87% positive feedback for the use of our product. This gave us an indisputable confidence that there is a need of our product. We have established a lot of B2B contacts that are willing to use our service once its available.

Our research also shows steep growth of biometric use across all major industries especially payments and security. Now, more than ever the consumer is ready to take the next step to adopt biometrics as ultimate authentication for payments, controlled access and identification.

If you capture it well, protect it well, why would you need anything else but your physical self?


Contact Information:

Oleg Gor

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