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Aug 19, 2015 8:27 AM ET

Archived: Virtuoso Entertainment & Virtuoso Fest

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 19, 2015

Virtuoso Entertainment & Virtuoso Fest

Virtuoso Entertainment & Virtuoso Fest  Logo


World’s 1st Multi Million Dollar Social Media & Music Festival in the world. Our Festivals will be held all around the world 25-30 Shows each year. We currently have a client ( Bank of America ) who wants us to plan their festival around 400,000 people and they want to see that we have a full staff. On top of all that we provide our own services that we can potentially make 1.5 million every month. Don’t miss out on this Amazing Investment! You Won’t Be Sorry.


Products / Services

Event Planning

Our Event Planning services range anywhere from $7,000 – $200,000 for each event. We recently did the 50 Shades Of Grey Movie Premiere’s and we did that for free due to experience, now Universal Studios wants us to start planning their events Monthly. On top of all that we have Celebrities clients on a waiting list waiting for our Company Launch in April

– Movie Premieres
-Red Carpet Events
-Music Festivals
-Launch Parties
-After Parties
-Album Release Parties

Artist/Talent Management

We manage Social Media Sensations and Upcoming Music Artists. We take a percentage of what they make normally 25%. Our Artist/Talent book gigs $15,000 – $100,000 per show or event and we take 25% of that.

Our company has a waiting list of 345 People that would like us to start managing them. We need the software to be able to manage these types of artist.

Event & Project Marketing

Our company is very known for our Secret Marketing Plans. Companies come to us needing marketing for events or projects with a turn around of 1 month.

We charge $20,000 and up. Our waitlist is very long as well for our company Launch in April

Virtuoso Fest World Tour

Virtuoso Fest Tour is the worlds 1st Social Media and Music Festival!
Have you heard of DIGI FEST to Tour? If, so that was our company and due to legal reasons we had to leave. We made 23 Million with DIGI FEST, the only thing we took with us is our creativity and Marketing Strategies that always work.

We plan to make VIRTUOSO out of an empire.

We are planning a World Tour which was the most requested tour of 2014. We need a total of 5 Million to do our worldwide tour. Everything is in place we just need the funding.

Each location in the USA has a revenue of $1,345,000 & $3,452,900 in other countries. We are planning on doing a total of 25-30 locations Worldwide.

Contact Information:

Chelsea Clark

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