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Aug 18, 2015 12:17 PM ET

Archived: DIG Cooperative: A design/build general contracting firm focused on regenerative ecology, quality craftsmanship, and creative collaboration. We transform urban environments into resilient habitats.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 18, 2015
Personal Story

Living in Oakland, California reminds me in many ways of growing up in Durham, North Carolina. My favorite memories of living in NC were: playing basketball year-round all through high school, summer vacations in Myrtle Beach and, last but not least, the epic annual church picnic in Lumberbridge, the town that my dad’s family is from. I’m proud to say that within my family we span several cultures: American, Turkish, Thai, Dutch, Vietnamese, Israeli, Polish, Japanese, and also Chinese! My brother and I were both born in Thailand and soon after I came along my family and I moved to Qatar for a couple years before settling permanently in the States. The most unexpected gift of growing up in such diverse environments with equally diverse loved ones has been how much I’ve learned about the common things we all cherish and value, no matter where we are from. This is one of the biggest reasons social equity and ecological resilience is a passion of mine and why DIG Coop has been the ideal environment for me to put passion into practice.

Not only does DIG’s work give residents and businesses the power to decrease their freshwater usage, but our cooperative provides fair wages and a high level of decision-making power to our worker-owners. I received my BSBA in International Business and became a self-taught designer after college by blending technical coursework, hands-on training in natural building and long-term internships with high-impact, socially-driven organizations in the Bay Area. As the newest worker-owner at DIG, I am so grateful to be part of an organization where I can put my unique skills to work as the Business Manager while being supported in growing my design expertise in this critically important field. I am excited to be part of building a company whose values I strongly align and we look forward to the chance to take our coop to the next level with the help of KivaZip!

Business Description

DIG Cooperative is a design/build general contracting firm serving Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco & the greater SF Bay Area with integrated water conservation solutions since 2005. We specialize in comprehensive, on-site water catchment and reuse systems for residential, commercial, public & institutional clients.

Our focus areas: Rainwater Catchment Systems, Greywater Irrigation Systems, Drought Tolerant Landscaping and Low Impact Development (LID).

DIG was founded when a group of builders and ecologists converged at the EcoHouse to build the City of Berkeley’s first permitted greywater system. This was also California’s first permitted residential Constructed Wetland for the treatment of greywater. Since the success of the EcoHouse project we have continued to pioneer permitted greywater and rainwater catchment systems throughout the Bay Area.

Our team is committed to regenerative ecology, quality craftsmanship, and creative collaboration. We harness the power of water to transform urban environments into resilient habitats.

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will help us grow our business by giving us the tools to expand our operational capacity and marketing efforts. As interest in our work rapidly grows, we want to focus on targeting and engaging the most values-aligned clients and streamlining our services and solutions to best serve them. We want to continue guiding homeowners, businesses, design professionals and institutions on the path towards a water abundant future. This loan will help us build our capacity to take on this goal while building a stronger community and industry presence.

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