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Aug 17, 2015 4:21 PM ET

Archived: Please help us provide MEANING in people’s lives: to provide job-driven training and real employment opportunities to those in recovery from mental health challenges

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2015

Please help us provide MEANING in people’s lives


OUR MISSION at Infinitely Simple is to provide job-driven training and real employment opportunities to those in recovery from mental health challenges in the design and production of high quality locally crafted products. The benefits of work and employment are proven to be a crucial component of recovery.

WHAT IS INFINITELY SIMPLE? A Windhorse Social Enterprise, was launched in 2014. We are dedicated to providing the stepping stones for those with the desire to make work a part of their recovery and return to the larger community.

INFINITELY SIMPLE designs, manufactures and distributes a line of gorgeous, handmade products for the meditation and wellness market. Collaborating with the Denver Womens Correctional Facility we offer beautiful, well-crafted meditation cushions, versatile shoulder bags, supportive yoga bolsters, hand-painted mirrors and scented eye pillows.

OUR APPRENTICES participate fully in this engaging and affirmative enterprise. Each apprentice has the opportunity to learn the different aspects of the product manufacturing process from pattern cutting and machine sewing to hand painting. In this way they benefit by gaining real skills and confidence while bridging themselves into future employment opportunities. 

~We operate on a very small budget, with only one full time Executive Director and a part-time Marketing Associate. Our overhead is low for we are located in the basement of the Boulder Homeless Shelter. It costs $6K to train, supervise and provide job placement support for each appentice. In seven months of operation, five of our eleven appentices have secured jobs in the community or have returned to school. 42K will enable us to finish the year by allowing seven additional appentices to join our successful social enterprise.

~Your tax deductible donation will go directy to our mission. Please consider donating to this great cause. Your donation will go directly to helping us help people in need.


Our “apprentices” are clients of mental health facilities in Boulder, CO. Most of them experience complications with depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, Aspergers and other complicated diagnoses. These vibrant, capable individuals have been thrown off course by mental illness, but possess incredible tenacity and hope, not to mention a great work ethic and impressive creativity. This work opportunity we are providing bridges the gap to employment in the community at large and allows people to develop work experience in a supportive environment, gaining references and confidence along with new knowledge and skills. Perhaps most importantly this work acts as a catalyst for personal recovery, breaking down stigma, encouraging routine and empowering apprentices to work through personal difficulties. 

We are currently supported financially by a seed fund made on behalf of a person living with mental illness who experienced the immensely therapeutic effects of work. This person’s family wanted to ensure that others have the opportunity to include this crucial aspect of life in their recovery.

At present, we have a waitlist for apprentice positions because interest in these work opportunities has thus far outpaced production demand. Our hope is to obtain more donations and create more relationships nationwide with supportive retailers so that we can provide more apprenticeships within the community. We are currently located in the basement of the Boulder Homeless Shelter and would like to find a new space for our shop. 

Our primary product is a meditation cushion. This “Infinity Cushion” is a patented design created by a former client who is a seasoned meditation practitioner. The Infinity Cushion’s unique design and its high-quality fabrication ensure a supportive base that will maintain its shape and integrity for many years. It is entirely hand-made in Colorado and is quickly becoming the favorite of many practitioners. 

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Infinitely Simple

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