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Aug 17, 2015 12:19 PM ET

Archived: MiFi: seeks to become the leader in Nollywood video on demand

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2015


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MiFi seeks to become the leader in Nollywood video on demand. The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is becoming increasingly popular. Time Warner recently offered Nollywood movies as a service, anticipating a target audience of up to 40 million North American customers. Last year, the industry of Nollywood generated $592 Million in revenue. African American and Afro Latino women love the movies. Nollywood also produces large amounts of content, up to 50 movies per month. Nollywood is an emerging market that will see an increase of followers in the United States in the upcoming years.
The success of Netflix has shown a shift in the way we now watch programming. Today, many companies and cable networks attempt to duplicate the success of Netflix’s video on demand service. There are other platforms specifically for Nollywood films. iRockoTV is considered a direct competitor. Unfortunately, iRockoTV is rather expensive ($7 per month to watch Nollywood movies). Their apps also have issues. And at times, their movies will stop playing. MiFi will be affordable, $3 for MiFi basic and $7 for MiFi. Also, specializing in user interface and user experience, as well as superior streaming and playback, MiFi will offer users a personal and enjoyable experience streaming through all the latest and retro Nollywood Films. MiFi’s tech team will keep the apps and content updated to insure an enjoyable experience.
But perhaps the biggest draw for MiFi is its vision. After the initial launch, MiFi will begin to develop original content. MiFi will also introduce MiFi tours, which will take advantage of the growing popularity of African artists in America. Furthermore, MiFi will attempt to set up a partnership with Tyler Perry. A partnership will allow MiFi to play Tyler Perry programming, as well as creating a service promoting aspiring African American directors. Today MiFi is just a concept. But with your generous contribution, MiFi will become the next big thing in video on demand.

Products / Services

MiFi Basic

MiFi Basic gives users the ability to stream Nollywood content from MiFi’s movie database. There’s no limit. Movies will be in HD and will stream smoothly. MiFi Basic is $3 per month.


MiFi+, will give users access to MiFi’s movie database and featured Nollywood movies only available in Nigerian theaters. MiFi+ users get the opportunity to suggest ideas for original content . Users that Submit winning ides will be rewarded. MiFi+ is $7 per month.

Contact Information:

Daniel Adeleye

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