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Aug 17, 2015 12:48 PM ET

Archived: Hacking High School: The (as-yet-mostly-unknown) path to the new learning ecosystem

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2015

Hacking High School

What if we could crowd-source not just lessons, but entire classes for teens? What if some could invent their own paths? Perhaps in teams?

What if we fundamentally rethought what it means to “go to school”?

For years, I have thought about this with others. I’ve traveled among teachers, learners, policy-makers, inventors, artists, parents, administrators, and hackers of many variety.

Amazingly, I discovered that I live in the state with the most open law about what and how teens can learn. Nearly anything!

So how do we make this real? First for 40,000 teens, then for 400,000, then for 4 million?

With that question in mind, I started out to build an ecosystem and a movement. A book was never in the plan–“build it and they will come was the approach.”

Yet it looks like a book is precisely what it will take to get more than a few thousand teens hacking their school experience. To changing school so that when 2020 arrives, it will not still look like 1920.

I need your help. Teens and the next generation need your help.

What if–this time–we truly changed ‘school’?

Thank you.

Contact Information:

Ed Jones

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