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Aug 17, 2015 7:21 PM ET

Archived: Double World Jazz Fusion Albums!: two jazz fusion albums, inspired by my recent travels through North America, Spain and India

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2015

Double World Jazz Fusion Albums!

The story of the project

Hi There!

My name is Bart Stenhouse and I am a world and jazz multi-instrumentalist and composer based in northern New South Wales, Australia.

This year I am creating two jazz fusion albums, inspired by my recent travels through North America, Spain and India. The first album, ‘Best of Times’, is a collection of electric, jazz fusion compositions that feature popping Indian rhythms and rich, melodic interplay between saxophone and electric guitar. The second album, ‘Five Days in Granada’, showcases a bright chemistry between jazz vibraphones and flamenco guitar, to create a mix of firey, passionate and energetic jazz fusion tracks.

My aim of my music is to bring to life the experience of traveling. I aim to capture the sights, sounds, tastes and essence of these cultures through my music so that you, the listener, can join with me in connecting with these other world cultures. I want you to feel like you have travelled across three continents in under an hour and I want you to get inspired and excited by the unusual blend of rhythm, harmonies and groove.

My passion is to explore and infuse different musical cultures with the music that I love, which is jazz, rock, blues and funk. The music I am creating is challenging, dynamic and rewarding. Recently, I have recorded two new world jazz fusion albums featuring some of the best up and coming jazz players in Australia, including Vibraphonist James Whiting, Pianist and Keyboardist Cleon Barraclough, Bassist David Galea, Tenor Saxophonist Ben Byrne and Drummers Trent Bryson-Dean and Bob Peele.

Our vision is to complete the final stages of producing and pressing the albums and to launch and film the albums live, in concert, on October 10 this year!


So this is where you can get in on the goods. Your contribution can give us the chance to complete the final stages of producing the two albums and launching them live. Here is what is up for grabs –
– Pre-order a copy of the two albums
– Get a hold of early bird tickets to the live concert launch in Brisbane on the evening of 10 October with a few perks on the side!
– Boost your own musical passion and career with Skype lessons with me
– Nab a copy of the eBook containing the sheet music of all the compositions.
– Become an executive producer and have your name in the credits of the album liner notes
– Own the signed classical guitar that was used to write the demos for the music on!

But wait, this isn’t the end of the story….we are just getting started! We plan to take this music around the world and bring it live, to the doorstep of the countries and cultures that inspired these albums. So keep your eyes open for more details about where we go next. This is your opportunity to seed the start of something bigger and hey, maybe we will get the chance to meet you on the trail!

Thanks for your consideration. Check out my website or my Facebook page to read more about me and my projects. Below are links to sample tracks from both albums for you to hear more!

Have a great day!



How the funds will be used

As I have already recorded the albums, the next step is to master and press the albums, ready for the live launch on 10 October 2015. The funds of this crowdfunding campaign will be used to complete the final stages of producing and releasing the albums, as well as organising the costs of running the album launch.

The Funds will be used for:

– The costs for mastering both albums through Brisbane based mastering engineer Michael Wild at Wildlife Audio ($1400)

– The pressing costs for both albums through Implant Media for 250 copies each ($2000 in total) .

– The costs involved with getting the albums launched online through Abstract Logix and/or CDBaby into ITunes and electronically distributed ($100)

– The costs involved with hiring the stage and paying the live sound engineer, project manager and musicians ($2500).

Some of my other work

I have studied North Indian Classical and Flamenco music for the past three years and have been playing and studying jazz for 16 years now. I draw great inspiration from Jazz, Flamenco and Indian Classical music styles and am passionate about integrating these exotic musical cultures into my own sound and style of music.

As part of my travels to India in 2014, I studied for one month with Chaturangui (Indian Slide Guitar) master Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya in Calcutta. He has featured in recordings of ‘Shakti with John McLaughlin,’ collaborated with the late Bob Brozman on the album ‘Mahima’ and is an international touring artist of the highest calibre performing over 200 concerts a year.

On that same trip, I recorded my first album ‘Blue Benares’ with percussionist Abe Stewart in Varanasi, India. This album was created over an intense nine day period. Five days were set aside to rehearse the tracks with local musicians and the remaining four days spent recording in the studio. The improvisational style of the album allowed each musician to bring their skill and flavour to the compositions, truly creating a unique and Indian-inspired soundscape. I think this album is a great example of how music can be a common language and bring different cultures together to create a truly rich and unique artwork.

Here is the link to my first album – Blue Benares



The main challenges for this project are time related as I only have a short amount of time to get the albums mixed and pressed in time for the October 10 live launch. To manage these challenges, I have already briefed the designers working on the album artwork and have booked in the mastering of the albums with Michael Wild. I have sourced the quotes and timeframes from the album pressing companies and have brought on board a Project Manager to help me keep the project and outcomes on task and on track.

Preparations for the album launch in October is off to a great start as I have already received sponsorship for the event by the Jazz Music Institute (JMI) and Byron Music. I plan to approach more sponsors for the event and have a marketing and communications assistant on board to help promote and market the event to maximise coverage and support (attendance).

I am a determined, passionate and professional musician. Whatever obstacles present themselves will be dealt with!

Contact Information:

Bart Stenhouse

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