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Aug 17, 2015 10:30 AM ET

Archived: An Innovative, Growing Enterprise You Can Collaborate With: DONKEY TACO

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 17, 2015

“Burritos for smart cravings” the slogan that is the cover of this new enterprise, fast growing and with a unique concept.


Donkey Taco
is a burrito restaurant that was created in November 2014 in Morelia, México. It’s the creation of a unique concept combining the typical mexican food with different cultures and flavors from different parts of the world. An enterprise concerned about health. Food preparation is done with non/low-fat products, not using oil for preparing most of their ingredients. People can also choose wholemeal flour tortilla for their burritos or Jamaica combined with Beetroot and cranberry for healthy options.

The context that surrounds Donkey Taco is a social home-like business. People will always welcome you with a warm smile and salutation. It has recently been incorporated live rock-pop concerts at night, which people have happily welcomed as a delight while eating and talking with friends.

They have recently started their own crowdfunding campaing, looking for collaboration for expansion, offering a tempting “do business with us” reward for helping. They have mentioned in their indiegogo campaing:

“… It is here, at this exact time, where we need of your collaboration. There are a lot of competitors (Of course in México, the hometown of tacos) so we need to increase our presence by moving to a new location and even opening new restaurants in the city and in the future in the country and the world, getting consolidated as a franchise…”

They have offered funny, good-looking perks in exchange for the help and even investing money in the project, offering profit share and becoming partners of new stores, bold rewards that you don’t see in any project, but this is how confident Arturo Morelos and Mauricio Villaseñor, founders and Co-CEOs of the enterprise, are in the developpment of their project.

We share with you the link of their campaing, as well as their Facebook fan page. You can have a look for yourself if there is somenthing you are interested in, including helping these young enterpreneurs.





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