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Aug 16, 2015 3:15 PM ET

Archived: Nurturey: The one-stop online platform for parents to digitise and simplify their parental journey

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2015






On one hand, parents have to manage an onslaught of routine information, documents, activities, etc; on the other, it is difficult for parents to follow, let alone implement, overwhelming amount of information/resources available today on parenting.

Nurturey helps parents digitise and simplify their journey in an intuitive, appealing and frictionless manner.

Globally, signing up on Nurturey will be one of the first steps parents take when they conceive. It will be the ‘go-to’ platform for parents for digital tools that will set them free of anxiety in their parental journey.

With its ORGANISE, NURTURE, TEAM-UP and CHERISH model, Nurturey offers productivity tools to manage every aspect of life around kids. Moreover, it aims to connect parents with only the most relevant information/resources, empowering them to be pro-active in nurturing their children. And with multi-device access, Nurturey aims to bring control to parents’ fingertips.


Digitisation is an irreversible phenomenon of the modern world; and Nurturey will bring its benefits to the parents and parenting.

1) Benefits:
a) Efficiency: Saves time and reduces errors in routine activities; enables smooth coordination with family and preserves all that is relevant and memorable.
b) Effectiveness: Tap into the wealth of resources already available, but only those that are relevant to your unique child.

2) The FOUR pillars:
a) ORGANISE – The one platform.
Information, documents or responsibilities – manage everything about kids at your fingertips.

b) NURTURE – Right information at the right time:
Overwhelmed with resources around you? Let Nurturey’s algorithms proactively connect you only to the most relevant stuff.

c) TEAM-UP – Effortless sharing/ communication with other parents:
Coffee mornings, lost jumpers, invitations or general talks – plan and share effortlessly with other parents on Nurturey.

d) CHERISH – Accessible and meaningful memories:
Build and cherish meaningful memories – the whole story – of your kids and parenthood in ways beyond just pictures and videos.


Last year, 118 investors, many parents themselves, backed us with £72,240 (206% oversubscribed).

Since then, we’ve delivered value for the shareholder money, by accomplishing all the items listed below:

1) Built and launched consumer-ready web app – (www.nurturey.com)
2) iPhone app beta launched – Our app will be a game changer in driving user engagement.
3) Android app beta launched – completing our comprehensive multi-device experience.

Note: Please see the UPDATE section for details of how to download the iPhone and Android Beta apps.

B) User traction:
1) Our signed up user number is approaching 5 figures (within 5-6 months).
2) Sign ups from 30+ countries.

C) Branding:
1) Buzzing FB page with over 10,000 likes. (https://www.facebook.com/nurtureyonweb).
2) Weekly, our FaceBook page reaches over 350,000 of the target audience and engage with over 20,000 of them.
3) Print and TV media coverage.



Invest to build two pillars: Consumer (the King) and Product (the Queen)

Major objectives:
– Drive user base expansion and engagement.
– Enhance the product by adding flagship and addictive features across devices .

The money will be allocated approximately as below:
1) 40% Product enhancement.
2) 25% Marketing – user acquisition.
3) 15% Marketing – brand enhancement.
4) 17% Admin & overheads.
5) 3% Server and infrastructure.


Contact Information:

Tushar Srivastava
Vatsal Goel

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