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Aug 16, 2015 1:50 PM ET

Archived: Dumu Indigenous Training Cafe: a social enterprise Indigenous Training Cafe in Bright, North Eastern Victoria

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2015

Dumu Indigenous Training Cafe

The story of the project

We have established a social enterprise Indigenous Training Cafe in Bright, North Eastern Victoria. Dumu Balcony Cafe was established to operate in partnership with the Northern Territory remote community of Wadeye, creating skilled employees in the field of hospitality and retail.

Participants are enrolled in a Certificate 3 in Hospitality and split their time between Dumu Balcony Cafe in Bright and Murrinhpatha Nimmipa Store In Wadeye. Each participant rotates between the two venues every two months with participants as well as families and employers supported and educated during transitions to ensure success.

Dumu (Dhudhuroa word for “Black Duck”) Balcony Cafe is not only a place for the Indigenous trainees to learn key areas of food handling, cash management, hygiene and safety, but also a place to share their culture with the general public. The Wadeye people are working in partnership with the Dhudhuroa people to support and share their culture through this program and these young people.

The ultimate goal is to develop young Indigenous employees that will have quality choices and opportunities through their training and personal growth across both cultures. Training in a mainstream business model provides the participants with quality outcomes to take back to their workplace and makes them attractive to key stakeholders in their community.

How the funds will be used

The funds raised will be used to market and promote the great outcomes already being achieved by the cafe. We will use the funds to develop a website and promotional materials to promote the training cafe in order to make it more sustainable as a social enterprise and educate people about the goals and objectives being undertaken.

We hope to use funds to market the cafe appropriately to ensure we not only get plenty of patronage but also attract the appropriate patrons who will embrace and support the experience.

Marketing the cafe will also include telling the story to the community of Wadeye. Having our trainees work in the local store means people will see them and want similar opportunities for their children .We need to tell the story in their language and in a medium appropriate to their culture so that they can access the opportunities available.

Funding Breakdown
* Website development and on line marketing – $6000
* Marketing Video – $3500
* Design and print promotional materials – $2500
* Awareness Video in Murrinhpatha Language -$4200, including flights and travel costs to Wadeye.

Some of my other work

Dumu Balcony Cafe is part owned by Rebecca Crawley who has extensive experience working with Indigenous youth in all areas of education and hospitality. Rebecca lived and worked in the remote community of Wadeye and established an educational hospitality program for Year 9 students at OLSH Thamurrurr Catholic School. Rebecca currently divides her time between the cafe and teaching Indigenous Languages at Bright P-12 College, including cultural events and VCE studies. 

Rebecca in partnership with the Thathangathay Foundation and Kindred Spirits Foundation have been successfully running a Marngrook Cultural Sporting event each year http://vimeo.com/109682389

Dumu Balcony Cafe works in very close partnership with Thathangathey Foundation (www.tf.org.au). Thathangathay is an Indigenous leadership program from Wadeye that is owned and governed by the community of Wadeye.


The cafe has been running for a few months and most challenges have been met at this stage. The major obstacle will be the Wadeye community engagement and support of the Indigenous people. Working with the Thathangathay Foundation will negate any problems in this area, as they are owned and governed by the Thamurrurr people. Our main challenge is to be financially viable whilst running a training program. 

Bright is a busy tourist town with many successful cafes and we need to inform the public about how to find us and what we can offer them as an alternative dining and cultural experience. This requires specialist marketing to ensure success.

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