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Aug 16, 2015 4:10 PM ET

Archived: dBlack Lion – New Album: Pre-order Imanuel Yerday’s new album here, plus access to exclusive items and experiences!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2015

dBlack Lion – New Album

dBlack Lion, Imanuel’s upcoming original solo album, is not the first musical undertaking by this international recording artist.

The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Imanuel has been writing, arranging, and composing songs since an early age. His musical quest has taken him from the Middle East to Europe to North America to Ethiopia.

The singer-songwriter and founder of the group Jah Tribes, Imanuel was also, from 1992 to 1998, the lead singer of ‘Roots Afrika’, for which he composed music and songs. The band played international stages and festivals, including the renowned Achziv Reggae Festival, performing alongside
artists such as Buju Banton, Culture (Joseph Hills), Israel Vibration,
Twinkle Brothers,Tony Rebel, Muta Baruka, Nick Cave, Third World,
Misty in Roots, Aster Aweke, and many top-ranking local artists.
Imanuel and his bands have performed at venues like MCM Café and Balajo in Paris, as well as in Los Angeles, where he met and worked with renowned artists such as Remy Kabaka (godfather of Fela Kuti), Boom Shaka,
Armand Sabelako, Ras Daveed, Santa Davis (drummer for Peter Tosh), and Ronnie “Stepper” McQueen (bassist for Steel Pulse).

Now there is a new album on the way and you can pre-order it here, but not only that, you can gain access to exclusive items and experiences.

With dBlack Lion, Imanuel’s brand-new, self-produced, 13-song original album, he joins with acclaimed musicians from Paris, New Orleans, Brooklyn, and beyond to arrive at unique lyrics, melodies, and rhythms: Sam Koné, Richacha Balengola, and Carlos Gbaguidi on drums; Raymond Doumbé, Ras Jumbo Jno-Baptiste, Yovo M’Bwoke, Philippe Gnany, and Emanuel Yerday on bass; Muctaru Wuri on keyboard; Fabio Deldongo and Vincent Theard on piano; Thierry Elbaz, Alex Legrand, Florian de Junnemann, and Shahar Mintz on guitar; Breno Brown on tenor saxophone; Boney Fields on trumpet; Pierre Chabrel on trombone; Léo Dedieu on violin; Romain Maquet on transverse flute; Emanuel Yerday and Armand Assouline on percussion

Your support here means that the album can be brought to you direct! Release date is …….

dBlack Lion

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dBlack Lion

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