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Aug 16, 2015 11:12 AM ET

Archived: Albemarle Skatepark: to provide a Private Skatepark that is For Profit

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 16, 2015

Albemarle Skatepark

Albemarle Area Skate Park
Numerous Skate Boards/Bike Riders in the Stanly County and surrounding areas without adequate areas that support these activities. Youth and Young Adults in the area must resort to abandoned parking lots, homemade obstacles/structures, or driving more than an hour in order to have a venue that supports their sporting activity.

We want to provide a Private Skatepark that is For Profit, with plans of steady expansion to support the local Skating/Bike Riding population, while offering services other than simply a “place to skate.”

List of Planned Services:
1. Daily Rate Free Skate passes
2. Monthly Rate Free Skate passes
3. Private Lessons
4. Professional Live Demonstrations
5. Competition Venue
6. Private Party Venue
7. Summer Camp for youth

Common Questions:
1. What about Insurance Liability?
A Signed Waiver from the individual or Guardian of the individual will be required on File.
If Required by State/County Law, safety equipment will be required, and provided on a Rental Basis to ensure compliance.

2. How can this business succeed?
By being flexible and offering multiple resources at affordable rates, the business will be poised for success. There is also very little, if any, competition within 50 miles of the proposed location.
In addition, the local businesses are already looking forward to this facility due to the fact that skateboarders are currently using their parking lots and back lot areas.

Products / Services


A facility built primarily of Concrete that offers obstacles, terrain, and interesting aspects that skateboarders and bmx riders can use in order to train, improve, and excel at their sport.

A portion of the Services that will be offered include:
1. Day Passes
2. Month Passes
3. Private Lessons
4. Camps
5. Private Parties
6. Local/Regional Competitions
7. Professional Demonstrations

Contact Information:

Zachary Brideson

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