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Aug 15, 2015 5:29 PM ET

Archived: The Half: a short drama about a dancer

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 15, 2015

The Half

The story of the project

‘The Half’ is a short drama, following first time lead principle dancer Lucy, in the half hour prior to going on stage as she struggles with her internal fears, self doubt and worthiness. Does she does deserve this? Has she worked hard enough? Does she have what it takes to perform? Can she handle the pressure?

inspired by Simon Annand’s  -Photographic series The Half , the technical creativity of Alejendro Gonzalez’s Birdman and the relevant themes portrayed in Black Swan. We believe that ‘The Half’ is a story worth making so the themes expressed can be given a voice and an audience.

We think a good story deserves the best possible chance for success and recognition. On so many projects, small elements are over looked or put in the ‘too hard basket’. A film, like any other project needs to be cared for and nurtured. In order to make The Half the best film we need to surround ourselves with the best people, equipment and passion – and although dedication and passion are free, the tools that we need to get us to the end are going to cost.


How the funds will be used

By donating you will not only be supporting the next generation of Speilberg’s, Luhrmann’s and Tarantino’s you  will also be helping us securing;

Locations – The Seymour Centre and Riverside Theatre  $500 per day    
Special Equipment Hire – Speciality Cameras,lighting, Steady Cam.
Set Design 
Hair and Makeup
Sound Design and editing  
Exhibition   WE understand that sometimes experience, knowledge and merchandise is worth more than gold. We are not only looking for financial pledges but if you can help us in anything it would be greatly appreciated; 

you may have access to merchandise and products that could be used not just for our shoot but also donated for fundraising such as gift certificates, products, merchandise, etc.

If you can help with Catering    
If you have any connections with:
Sound Recordist
Colour Grader
Ballet Costuming
Media advertising, Blogs, Newspapers, Newsletters, Sharing our cause on Social Media 

We would love any help large or small. The half is storey we can’t wait to share and it will only be possible with your help….


Staying true and honest to the world of performers, both actors and dancers, both in theatre and on film, and ensuring that we effectively portray this world to the best of our abilities. 
Contact Information:

Asha Clark
Cloe Jouin
Jack Sweeney
George Rasho

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