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Aug 15, 2015 8:05 AM ET

BELI: Is your time precious? Pre-order, avoid queues and get rewards from your favourite takeaway & restaurants

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 15, 2015





If you’re the kind of person who believes that time is precious and want to have more control of how and where you spend it then BELI is for you.

BELI will be an app for people with busy lifestyles who believe their time is precious and want to start to win it back.

We have taken this belief and combined it with our passion for eating quality food to design a product that will help you acquire food & drink in a more convenient and time effective manner daily while your on the go.

BELI will help you achieve 3 things

• Win back time
• Eat Well
• Perform Better

Time will be won back by ordering food and drink ahead while on the way to work, during your lunch break or on the weekend from your favourite coffee shops, sandwich bars and restaurants without having to queue, wait for preparation or pay with cash or a bank card.

It will help you eat well by quickly finding the food you want close by, be that a tasty burger or something more specific to your diet e.g. Gluten free or vegan meals.

It will also help you record and track your calorie intake on a daily basis and set yourself goals towards achieving your personal eating plan and fueling your body with what it needs to perform better.

Finally BELI will reward you on each use with points, which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards and food related experience.



We aim to deliver a service that will allow you to enjoy food & drink from your favourite brands in a more convenient, time effective and personalised manner and help them solve some of the common problems they currently face towards serving you better. This win win situation will translate into the following benefits:

For You:
• Reducing queuing and waiting times in busy areas
• Finding diet specific meals close-by e.g. Gluten free, vegan, others
• Automating the daily tracking and logging of calories easier
• Paying for items cashless or without a bank card
• Eliminating the need to carry multiple loyalty cards that often get lost or forgotten at home.

For Your Favourite Brands:
• Reducing loss of revenue caused by queues (£1bn cost to UK retailers, SagePay, EE)
• Saving costs required to manage demand fluctuations
• Speeding up and simplifying the payment taking process
• Accessing a wider audience of high value and new customers
• Increasing knowledge, spend, purchase frequency and loyalty amongst existing customers.

BELI wants to transform the way you currently eat out while on the go by helping you save time at key points during the day such as picking up a coffee or a warm breakfast on the way to work, buying your freshly made sandwich or healthy salad during lunch breaks and picking up a pizza on the way back home from work or eating out on the weekend.

It will become a concierge in your pocket, learning about your favourite foods and bringing you persoanlised deals and rewards that will surely put a smile on your face.

You will gain a time saving advantage in high footfall and densely populated areas such as commercial districts (e.g. Canary Wharf), city centers (e.g. The West End), transport hubs (e.g. Liverpool st. Station) and places of leisure (e.g. Westfields shopping center).



We first set out to validate the market opportunity and ascertain there was a problem to be solved on both the customer and merchant side. This was followed by scoping out the service from an operational and technical perspective to ensure its feasibility and a business plan to determine the size of the prize. We then proceeded to achieve the next following milestones:

1) Creating the Brand identity
2) Product wireframes and graphical design
3) Prototype development
4) Prototype user testing with customers and merchants
5) Prototype revision and updates using feedback
6) Website development & launch
7) Signing up of early customers (young professional)
8) Relationship building with potential merchants (e.g. SSP group, Caffe Nero)
9) CEO Personally investing around £40k of own capital
10) Raising £40k investment from Angel and private investors




Your investment will be used to develop a minimum viable product of the following:

1. An app which you download for free and use on your mobile phone.

2. An order management system which will be installed at merchant outlets and run seamlessly on their EPOS system or an IPad.

3. Marketing & promotional activities to build awareness and attract early customers.

Contact Information:

Lanre Olaniba
Thomas Usher
Jason Velody

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