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Aug 14, 2015 3:30 PM ET

TURNING EMPTY HOUSES INTO LOVING HOMES: provide gently used furniture

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 14, 2015


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Very simply, we are a furniture bank…Cincinnati’s only furniture bank.

We operate very much like a food bank, but we provide gently used furniture instead of food. We serve individuals struggling through poverty, coming out of shelters, and overcoming homelessness. All-too-often this includes those escaping domestic-violence situations, veterans, and children. The families we serve often move into their housing with only the items they were able to carry with them through their hardship.

We believe that everyone deserves the dignity to lay their head on a pillow. We believe children should have the opportunity to eat their meals at a table, with their families. We believe that we all want a place that feels like home, and not just a space to exist. That’s what New Life Furniture is endeavoring to make happen in Greater Cincinnati.

Last year we had the opportunity to serve approximately 1,200 individuals. While wonderful, that means that there were around 7,500 people that had needs go unmet…thousands of adults that slept on the floor, and then had to function at work the next day…children that slept on the floor, and had to go to school and do their best. That is not okay.

Your financial donation gives hope, a home, and love to those seeking to start a new life. Your generous gift allows you to partner with us, not only in providing furniture, but also in reaching the thousands in our city that are worthy of dignity, worthy of love, and who just need to know that they’re cared for.


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New Life Furniture Inc

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