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Archived: “Sweeten The Pill” For Your Kids

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Pill Coater, a new start-up, announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards crouwdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring their new & revolutionary product: the pill coater to production. The company set out to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to finish development and produce the first batch of their latest invention that is going to change the way children take medication.

Over $1,000,000,000,000 are spent yearly on medication, most of which is hard to swallow. Kids, in particular, struggle to swallow their pills, which instantaneously makes it and issue for every parent. Chocolate coating is the obvious solution, yet it can not be done at the pharmaceutical manufacturing phase due to the shelf life of the chocolate, and the special packaging it requires. Using an all-in-one home device is the perfect solution for a problem that has been neglected for generations.

It is our duty as parents,” says Dully Katzeff, the owner and inventor of the Pill Coater, ”to ‘Sweeten The Pill’ for our kids in any way we can. As a mother, I am always searching for simple and affordable solutions to solve everyday problems that shouldn’t exist to begin with. When my son got sick, I needed to reduce the amount of stress we can handle as a family, and sweetening the pills for my son got one obstacle out of the way. I realized that while most kids will turn their heads away from medications, very few would turn their heads away from chocolate. That was my inspiration for the Pill Coater.”

The company is hoping to manufacture the first batch by December of 2015.

Pill Coater was established in Montreal, QC by Dully Katzeff, owner, during the last few weeks. Dully Katzeff is also the president and CEO of a technology company with an international award winning innovation named: the Concrete Optimizer. Her previous experience includes management roles in varies industries over three continents, an author and freelance journalist.

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