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Aug 14, 2015 9:30 EST

ProRecycle LLC: ProRecycle – the Green e-waste solution, focused on doing it right

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 14, 2015

ProRecycle LLC

ProRecycle LLC


ProRecycle is the US initiative of the Brazilian pilot WHPOS (www.whpos.com.br).

DR. Willer H. Pos develop a proprietary, eco-friendly and water based reverse mining process, where metals used on discarded electronics, specially precious ones, can be “mined” and transformed back into true commodities, that will be put back into market.

Dr. Pos, following the law of conservation of mass, was able to remove gold, silver, palladium and copper from electronic waste (Cellular Phones, Electronic Boards, Computers, Old TVs and so many more electronic products) using ecologic process, which produces the commodities previously mentioned, residuals that are re-used in the process and WATER.

This process differs from all others used nowadays because there are no dejects that would pollute nature, and the majority of the end result is WATER.

According to a study from Yale University (based on UN and industry data:https://e360.yale.edu/digest/volume_of_e-waste__projected_to_soar_by_2017_study_says/4027/ ) e-waste will reach 65 Millions of TONS by 2017.

Dr. Pos has implemented this process, in a pilot plant in his native Brazil. The plant has been operational and processing about 2 tons of material per month with complete process success.

Now Dr. Pos and Mr.Pacheco now wants to bring this technology and rewarding process to the USA and, potentially, to the rest of the world.

We are looking for strategic financial partners to implement a logistics, recycling and processing plant capable of processing, at a minimum, 10 TONs of e-waste materials generating TONs of precious metals per month.

Contact Information:

Marcello Pacheco
Dr. Willer H. Pos
Marcello Pacheco

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