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Archived: Australian-Zimbabwean Music – new EP by Duncan Woods

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Australian-Zimbabwean Music – new EP “Chameleon” by Singer-Songwriter Duncan Woods — Kickstarter

Duncan Woods

is a Zimbabwean born, Australian grown, 25-year-old, traveling singer-songwriter. Since turning 18 Duncan set his sites on traveling the world, using music for financial and moral support while figuring the rest out along the way.

Rhythmic guitar work and quick sharp lyrics are Duncan’s bread and butter play, blending rap and reggae with melodic singer-songwriter styles, trying to bring a little of every and any flavour to the table.

Therefor his new EP project is called “Chameleon”. It will be a celebration of different styles, and represents the way his sound draws from his experiences traveling the world playing in any and every place he could find. His goal is to create and release an independent record, for the love of music, for the love of original music and free from the confines of genre classification. He chose Kickstarter as platform to finance the recordings and offers his fans to pre-purchase the CD to make it made.

“To have this EP created with crowdfunding will be the ultimate tribute to the power of the collective, when we focus on a common objective, anything is achievable. I have absorbed so much from the people and places I have been, now I am ready to let out all those thoughts that have been cooking inside me and put it down in the studio,” says Duncan Woods, singer-songwriter from Sydney.

Unique about his new EP is, that it will be recorded in a live setting with a jazz band in the studio. His producers want to capture the special feel and vibe Duncan transports to his audience in shows. With 9 years experience in live performing his ability to dial into the mood of the audience is his special gift. The band involved and the producers will donate their time for the project. The needed funding of AUD 4.500 is to cover the costs for the studio in Berlin, the sound engineer, mixing and mastering and for the distribution of the CD.
The EP can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter until the 25th of August.


Alongside his new EP comes a complete “Chameleon” documentary, showing Duncans travel to Europe in 3-5 minute episodes. On YouTube his fans can follow how the EP gets made and will be able to be part of the tour after its release. The documentary includes his stops in different countries like Germany, Ireland, Greece, England and Denmark.

The small independent record label “KP4 Records” contacted Duncan in August 2014, while traveling through Germany after a show. The producers Pascal Richter und Stefan Merz heard something unique in his sound and wanted to try capture that in a studio setting. They heard something in Duncans performance that they felt was absent in the recorded material he already has available.

Duncans only rule with respect to music, is to work with people he trusts to understand him and what his music and love of performing is about. He clicked musically with Pascal and Stefan, a feeling he couldn’t ignore. So back in November 2014, he committed to come back to Germany in June this year and begin work on his most ambitious project yet: “Chameleon”.

What has been done so far?

  • The songs are written
  • Pre-production is complete
  • The band is complete:

    – Duncan (Vocals, Guitar)

    – Stefan (Keys, Horns Arrangement)

    – Robin (Drums)

    – Florian (Bass)

  • Khalil Chahine agreed to be the audio executive producer for the project
  • The studio is booked

“We are ready to go, now all we need is the funding to make the project come to life!” Duncan Woods

So far Duncan released 2 EPs:

– Together on the Road (2011) produced in the UK by Richard Dyer

– Bird In Hand (2013) co-produced in Denmark by Mark Freese & Duncan Woods


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Duncan Woods

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