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Aug 13, 2015 3:54 PM ET

Tipping For Taps – NOLA Adelaide

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2015

Tipping For Taps – NOLA Adelaide

The story of the project

Ever wondered why all your local bars and pubs have the same beers on tap?

Ever wondered why your favorite craft beer never seems to be there?

This is happening because brewing giants are offering enticements like cash rebates, tap installation and other incentives to lock out up to 100 per cent of beer taps in thousands of pubs around Australia.

This prevents craft breweries from getting a look in, and prevents you trying their product in the freshest and most delicious way possible.

“Tipping” or “Pouring one out” is the act of pouring an alcoholic drink onto the ground in tribute or support. “Tipping for Taps” is our way of pouring one out in support for the little guys, the independent craft brewers who work tirelessly to bring new and great quality craft beer to you and I.

We want to give people the opportunity to help us stick it up the big guys. We want the people to help us support the Australian craft beer market by allowing us to provide a venue free from constraints.
We want the people to say “Hey, I own a Tap, and that tap will never pour shit beer”.

Plus there will be some pretty awesome rewards on offer.

Craft Beer is a community and for many a way of life. It’s full of flavor, character, fun and love, and NOLA will be no different. Our venue will be one of a kind, with more history and character in the walls alone than you could imagine. The range of craft beer rotating through our 16 taps will be unlike anywhere else and as a supporter of our taps you will help shape this range and how it is served. With your support we can guarantee that each craft beer carefully selected, stored and served within our charismatic walls.

Our rewards will be based around the needs and wants of the craft beer enthusiast. Current and upcoming beer updates, apparel, experiences and most importantly, craft beer.

And that’s why we’re inviting the public to pour one out in support of ‘Tipping For Taps’.  

How the funds will be used

The tap system itself will cost $17,705.
This includes the Infuser and also the ability to pouring beers of nitrous, creating a softer creamier beer (something not seen so often in SA).

All money we receive over our target will be used to help ensure we can continually bring the best and freshest craft beer into our venue for you. 

At NOLA we’ll work directly with breweries interstate to bring in craft beer never before seen in SA. All this beer will be cold shipped (which isn’t cheap) so that it can be enjoyed fresh, just as the brewer intended.

Our promise is to continue to collaborate with the top craft breweries, ensuring NOLA Adelaide is the home of everything craft beer.    

Contact Information:

Nola Bar

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