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Aug 13, 2015 12:09 PM ET

The board game revolution!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2015

The board game revolution – Bringing family and friends together.

Timeless Board Games is a newly started venture created by two board game enthusiasts Richard and Andrea. Our goal is to create a successful business and in doing so bringing our passion for board gaming to others.

We will do this by offering new exciting services: online board game rentals, an online store and organized board gaming events.

We’re crowdfunding!

We are crowdfunding to test the level of interest and legitimacy of these ideas. Any funds raised will be used to order our first batch of games in order to take advantage of bulk discounts.
The more funds raised the bigger variety of games we can offer.

Online board game rentals:

  • Instead of buying games at high prices and getting bored with them after two months, rental subscribers will be able to rent a number of games at any one time depending on their chosen package.
  • Games can be exchanged any time after six weeks. The best part about it – the games are delivered to your door!

Online board game store:

  • Games will be easily accessible and available to all South Africans. They will be shipped anywhere in the country.

“Timeless” board gaming events:

  • We aim to host organized board gaming events creating a platform for board gamers to meet and test out new games, introduce newcomers to the board gaming experience and simply for friends and families to have fun. 
Should our project become a success, not only will the board gaming community benefit but the project will act as an easy stepping stone to introduce the general South African public to board gaming.
“Many families are into technological games played on the Wii or Xbox, but those games really don’t bring the family closer together the same way board games are able to. Their focus is on the screen, whereas in board games, their focus is usually on each other.” – Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower

Milestones: Milestone 1 → The Tipping Point – We reach this Milestone and our project is A-GO!

Milestone 1: The Tipping Point – R10 000.00
If we reach this Milestone the project is a go ahead and we are able to buy enough games to get started.
Milestone 2: R30 000.00
Ideally we need R30 000 to order a good variety of games. With your help, we can do it!

The Dragon-Slayer Reward. 

Custom designed & crafted by African Jewel Designer: Kevin Blake.

The ‘Knight’ Reward. 

Hand crafted pewter clock by one of our team members. 

“Ticket to Ride is a fantastic family game because it is easy to learn, plays fairly quickly, and appeals to players of all ages – both kids and adults will have fun trying to become the next railroad baron… All things considered, Ticket to Ride is definitely the top game for families and casual gamers alike.” –
‘Ticket to Ride’ has sold over 3 million copies and won German ‘Game of the Year 2004’. 
Contact Information:

Timeless Board Games

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