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Aug 13, 2015 7:56 AM ET

Archived: Swiss Crowd SA; Swiss real estate crowdfunding platform aiming to safely invest in international market

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2015

Swiss Crowd SA




Swiss-Crowd deals with real estate crowdfunding in Switzerland. It has been created to compensate for what we believe is the lack of this important service. Internationally speaking, Switzerland has always been considered as one of the most relevant economic and financial hubs and therefore the existence of such a platform we believe is not only ideal, but essential.

Swiss-Crowd has developed an innovative business model, which allows 20 people per project to invest in real estate properties with potentially high returns.

Soon our network would be enforced by more platforms which would support each other and provide a more precise and unique service. At present Swiss-Crowd.ch and Italy-Crowd.com are already in operation. We intend that USA-Crowd.com, Russia-Crowd.com, Emirates-Crowd.com, China-Crowd.com, London-Crowd.com, etc will be online soon.



Our arrangement allows the shareholder or his/her trustee to have direct liaison with either the builder or the legal associates representatives. Moreover, this strategy is a valuable opportunity to keep a close eye on how the invested funds are performing and also to be continuously updated on how the business proceeds according to the investor’s expectations. This additional peace of mind combined with transparency are added to the assurances released by the building & construction companies to the investor at the time the investment agreement is personally signed in front of a highly trusted solicitor.

Observing the positives of our platform, management feels extremely optimistic regarding its initial achievements. This is exemplified by the 4 current projects, which total amounts to 32’800’000 Euro, Swiss-Crowd has had a remarkable effect up until now. We sincerely believe to be “the” attractive opportunity to all potential investors within the Swiss market.

Swiss-Crowd’s recent official launch in December 2014 had an outstanding performance throughout the world, as Swiss-Crowd is able to list profitable properties (e.g. prestigious hotels, department stores, executive offices, exclusive estates and attractive construction plans), with a total estimated value of 2 billion Euro.







Swiss-Crowd is no longer a simple idea, but reality!

Conceived by its incubator ABACUS International SA Lugano (Switzerland), Swiss Crowd SA joint-stock company was officially established on 1st April 2015 in Lugano.

It took more than a year for the this innovative business formula to come a reality whilst working in the guidelines of the ‘Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority’ regulations (known as FINMA).

Since the beginning, the news of Swiss-Crowd.ch going live (22nd December 2014) raised immediate enthusiasm amongst the media and international large investors market, allowing Swiss-Crowd to finalise its first deals successfully.

Currently the platform lists properties with a total value of approximately 23,575,000 GBP.

We are currently in discussions with various owners and managers of properties that have a total approximate value of 150 million GBP.




Augusto Vecchi Founder and CEO of Swiss Crowd SA, a serial entrepreneur, before connecting with Swiss Crowd, invested 200,000 CHF transforming the concept of the platform into a limited company, as well as an operational reality.

With the funding that we hope to raise from Seedrs we would:

– Expand our workforce with new resources that specialise in real estate, marketing strategies, information technology and finance.

– Implementing the platform with the introduction of projects which are “unique in the world” and will have an international impact (but at the moment we are unable to reveal more information on this project because of confidentiality agreements).

– Our target is to build our real estate fund and therefore, we would create advertising campaigns and marketing strategies aimed to increase Swiss-Crowd’s popularity, granting higher profits and dividends to shareholders / investors.


Contact Information:

Augusto Vecchi
Mara Liceri
Enrico Bertorello

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