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Aug 13, 2015 10:10 AM ET

Archived: Ola Fingerprint Smart Lock: a fingerprint smart lock operated without a key or smart device, just your fingerprint

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2015

Ola Fingerprint Smart Lock


“Have you ever thought of a lock that could recognize you in less than a second, unlocking your door the moment you touch the handle?”

Other smart locks take longer than regular locks, even more than 30 seconds to take out your phone, connect to Bluetooth, and unlock your door. But is that really ‘progress’? 

Technology should make life easier, not more complicated. That’s why Ola has a fingerprint sensor integrated into the door handle. Register your fingerprint directly on the handle, and then forget about your keys and phone.

Ola is completely self-contained. All it needs is you.

The First

Ola is the first smart lock on the market to incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and capacitive fingerprint technology, making Ola not only keyless but phoneless.


 The Fastest

The days of searching for keys or fumbling through smart phone apps are officially over. Ola has incorporated one of the best fingerprint sensors on the market (the FPC1020AM from Sweden) which means that you can unlock Ola in under a second.


The Longest

We test-opened Ola over 31,042 times with one set of 4 AA-batteries, which is the equivalent of two years of normal use. We also included a button that activates the back up AAA-battery. The backup uses Panasonic Evolta batteries that hold the Guinness world record for longest shelf life, and gives Ola a total battery life of about 7 years. In case of an emergency, you can power Ola with a micro USB.

Simplicity: Not only keyless, but phoneless

Our fingerprint technology liberates Ola from relying on other devices like a smart phone. No more lost keys and no more anxiety over dying phones. Ola doesn’t need them. It only needs you and your fingerprint to unlock the door and get inside.


More efficient battery use

We paid special attention to Ola’s battery life. With only one set of 4 AA batteries, Ola test-opened more than 31,042 times via Bluetooth. Ola’s extra set of 4 Panasonic Evolta AAA batteries also won the Guinness world record for longest shelf life. These features combine to give Ola a total battery life of 7 years, not to mention the emergency activation button on the bottom of Ola. It also has the micro USB port that connects to the power compartment and powers Ola with an external battery.

Security meets convenience

No keyhole means no lock bumping or lock picking. Ola can be installed in minutes with either a Mortise lock case for security, or a cylinder lock for convenience and easy installation.

Regular fingerprint sensors recognize users by scanning the ridges and valleys of their fingerprint, but that pattern is easily duplicated. Our sensor utilizes a radio frequency signal to scan the pattern under the surface of the skin. A fake fingerprint has no pattern under the surface, so our radio frequency technology saves you from worrying that someone may copy your fingerprints.

You can also share access to Ola with friends and family, either with a Bluetooth key or by registering their fingerprint. That means the ease of Ola isn’t just for you, but everyone important to you.

Control at your fingertips… literally

Ola’s FPC1020 Capacitive Touch Fingerprint Sensor offers state-of-the-art fingerprint technology. That means efficient energy consumption, 256 grey scale values in every single pixel, and durability against wear and tear for 10 million cycles. Ola’s capacitive sensor can also read the arches, loops and whirls of your finger, even if covered or dirty. So when we say no more key and no more smart phone, we really mean it. Just register your fingerprint for the first time, then forget about your phone permanently.

Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity


We also want Ola to bring comfort and ease to the people you care about. You can share access instantly with family and friends through Ola’s simple yet intelligent app. You can invite people with 4 different settings:

  • Temporary: From 11/06 11.00 am to 21/06 21.00 pm 
  • Recurring: Every Sundays from 2 to 5 pm and every Wednesdays from 10 am to 2 pm
  • Permanent: All time access.
  •  Master: All time access + gives the right to invite people, keep open, rename or delete lock…

And in 2 different ways:

  • Bluetooth access: generates a link you can send via email or a QR code. 
  •  Fingerprint access: Fingerprint needs to be registered on Ola at the time of the invite.

Temporary Keys

We know not everyone is welcome all the time, though, so you can schedule temporary keys for visitors or guests. This makes it easy not only to give access, but to restrict it.


The Ola App

Ola’s app is designed with the intention of minimizing your reliance on technology. The interface of the app is intuitive, and intentionally minimal, because we believe you should be spending time doing other things. We also made sure Ola is easy to open. Once you scanned your lock’s QR code and registered your fingerprint, you could forget your phone in another country and still get inside just as easily.

Lock performances and Tech Specs

Main PCB (front side)

Main PCB (back side)

Fingerprint module

Battery life, never be locked out again

As we mentioned before, Ola’s backup battery pack can be activated with a single button, and the micro USB port can be used to power Ola with an external battery. Getting locked out because of dead batteries is almost impossible

Fingerprint sensor Tech Specs


Ola is compatible with Mortise and the Standard Latch bolt lock sets and is installed like a regular lock. 59 seconds is our engineer’s record for replacing a regular door knob with Ola. 

All measurements are in mm

Hardware Sync

Using your phone to sync Ola and your fingerprint is very easy. First, each Ola has a QR code (in the user manual) that is unique to that Ola. Simply scan this QR code to identify yourself as the master user. Then you can register your fingerprints and those of others by placing your thumb on the handle.


The hard part is done. We invented Ola. Now we need your help in bringing Ola to the public. Of course funding is important, but we also want your feedback, your experiences, and your enthusiasm. We’ve had Ola installed on our door for months. We know it works. Other offices in our hallway have even started using it. But mass production is expensive and we need your support to realize our vision of sharing Ola with the world.


When we say we want Ola to change the world, we really mean it. The lock as an invention has remained the same for hundreds if not thousands of years. The time has come to bring this ancient but necessary piece of technology into the modern era. Smart technology not only makes the key obsolete, but makes our homes more secure. To back Ola is to step into the future. 

Risks and challenges

31 months after we began, Ola is finally ready for some attention. We spent a lot of our own money, but we believe in our vision, and have tirelessly refined Ola with the feedback of alpha-testers. Now we need you for the final stages.

We have the energy to keep going, but the cost of producing 10 units is nothing compared to the cost of producing 500 units. Our real challenge is raising funds to manufacture in mass. Help us overcome this challenge by pledging and working together to achieve our goal of getting Ola on your block. Thank you!


Contact Information:

Ola Locks

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