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Aug 13, 2015 2:58 PM ET

Archived: Meet America: to make a documentary out of these visits and really promote cultural awareness, openness and the true and beautiful face of America

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 13, 2015

Meet America


If we look back at the past 100 years with a little bit of honesty and integrity, we can easily recognize the contributions of the United States to human civilization. The very fact that we, in this place and this  moment, are using a product of this nation is a mere and obvious fact of such primiss. Yet, I believe that American politicians and their foreign policy have been and are tarnishing the legacy of the American people and America as a nation.  

For those of us who lived in the States for a while, we can attest to the beauty of the land, hospitality of its people and the well-intentioned folks who dwell this land. 

As a graduate of  US,  I found misperception to exist on both sides, American and Arabic. This is due to many reasons. But when you leave aside media,  governments and politics and have people interact on their own, the outcome can be enthralling.

I don’t mind promoting the States for I genuinely and truly love to visit it and spend sometimes roaming its lands, traveling its roads and highways;  this place is like no other if you ask me and I do have great affinity for it due to collage and growing up years. 

I wish for people to meet the real and dazzling  America, including my four daughters.  To me, this is a chance to make a small and tiny difference in peoples’ heads, hopefully in a fun, exciting, interactive and direct way. 

The ultimate goal is to make a documentary out of these visits and really promote cultural awareness, openness and the true and beautiful face of America

Why this campaign: 

Travel to the US is a relatively more expensive and more demanding than going to other countries due to the long distance  and  period of travel required; that in addition to some general apprehension about safety and the image which movies and media portraits. Hence, the intention is to subsidize a significant portion (up to 70%) of the trip cost to make it feasible for those interested, and also promote the concept to those who haven’t thought about it

This campaign is to introduce the United States to the residents  of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The goal of this campaign to educate, entertain, enlighten and overcome some cultural barriers. Politics seem to have damaged the image of peoples and countries such as the US. With some of the most beautiful terrains and the friendliest people you’ll encounter, the States represents one of the best places to visit, explore, discover and unwind.

 I would like for people to see the true magic of this part of the world like I have seen it. People out here are skeptical due many reasons, be it real or fictional.  But when people see and experience  the charm of the States, I  truly believe many of their preconceptions will change, to the better. This is an attempt to  defy politics and stereotyping through travel and cultural encounters.

All the visits will be filmed, edited and then put into a small documentary as part of cultural and promotional campaigns. 

In Numbers: 

The goal is to send 20 people over the next 16 months to the US as  tourists and cultural explorers.  The cost of each trip from Dubai to the US is between $6000-7000 for a 15-day itinerary. The plan is to finance 50%-70% of the trip for each participant. 

Selection of participants will be based on contribution of ideas, pictures, suggestions and other creative means. 

Selected members will be of all nationalities, not only UAE citizens (citizen of UAE make up only 10-15 % of the whole population)

On the flip side, we are also attempting to subsidize the visit of 10 americans to Dubai through a $5000 grant paid against their itineraries. The selection of these people will be random and hopefully with the help of this website administrators. 

What’s in it for me, you, all: 

– Be able to promote a new project that advocates experiential learning and calls for cultural understanding and – an inspiring knowledge-transfer activities

– Get to lead the teams, implement a pilot learning program through experience and travel and also visit the US 2-3 times per year which is a dream come true

– Allows us to introduce the US to the general public of UAE  through  well designed travel plans
– Enables  me to invite 10 Americans into Dubai through financing  their visit to Dubai to learn more about it and the UAE in general


Contact Information:

Aziz Alzaqri

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