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Aug 12, 2015 2:37 PM ET

Archived: The Streets – animating Twickenham: A unique cultural programme of arts activity

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2015

The Streets – animating Twickenham


In partnership with internationally renowned music producers Serious and LBRUT Arts Service, we will be developing a programme of live music and performance to animate public spaces in Twickenham, including Twickenham High Street, Twickenham Riverside, Diamond Jubilee Gardens and Church Street. The project will bring international performing artists to the town centre, as well as engage local community groups, traders, businesses and young people, helping residents and visitors navigate the high street; increasing footfall to the town centre and enriching Twickenham’s current cultural offer, in line with the town’s ongoing regeneration. The project programme has three main strands: ‘spectacle’, ‘discovery’ and ‘participation’ and in 2015 will include Australian percussionist Ben Walsh, as well as artists from the EFG London Jazz Festival performing in unconventional public spaces across Twickenham and working with local businesses and community groups to celebrate the town centre.

What we’ll do:

  • Bring high quality musicians and performing artists to perform in at least 3 public spaces in Twickenham by March 2016
  • ngage local community groups, schools, residents and visitors through participatory workshops and events
  • Support local businesses and traders in making new partnerships through specifically curated events / opportunities
  • Increase footfall and spend in the town centre through animating public spaces and increasing public ‘dwell’ time
  • Enrich Twickenham’s current local offer and celebrate and explore the local heritage
  • Invite local, regional and national press to key performances and events to showcase what Twickenham has to offer

Why it’s a great idea:

This project will contribute to the economic development and regeneration of Twickenham (currently a BID) and showcase the town at a regional and national level. The specially curated programme of performance for public areas in Twickenham will encourage local residents to rediscover their high street, as well as surprising visitors with unique experiences; bringing the town to life through dynamic events and activities. Previous cultural initiatives in the town centre have brought new people to the town and identified a real need for more cultural experiences on the high street. This project will continue to increase footfall and spend in the town, as well as bring together and inspire local traders, benefiting the town centre and local community in line with the continuing regeneration and 2015 Rugby World Cup, which will take place in the autumn. This is an exciting opportunity for us to celebrate the local heritage and highlight Twickenham a cultural destination of choice.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Work with Serious and LBRUT Arts Service to identify professional and local performers
  • Consult with local traders, businesses and community groups to identify locations that would most benefit from activity
  • Offer at least 3 key events / activities for the public to experience / engage with in the town centre before March 2016
  • Work with Serious, local community groups and businesses to develop outreach / legacy programme for the project
  • Devise marketing strategy to promote the programme , including high profile press launch July 2016

Twickenham is part of a Consortia of 6 outer London Boroughs working with Serious to curate a two year touring programme of arts activity for high streets and town centres, as part of an Arts Council England funded project ‘The Streets’.

The Streets will:
Animate high streets;
Enrich communities with dynamic activity;
Enhance existing local offer;
Offer opportunities to explore local heritage;
Celebrate and explore high streets;
Surprise residents with unique and unexpected experiences.

There is a real demand for more cultural presence in Twickenham, as identified by the local community: ‘We need things like this for people in Twickenham’ – this project would aim to build lasting relationships in the public and private sectors and across communities, leaving a legacy for more cultural activity, participation and learning in town centres and areas of regeneration.

Contact Information:

Twickenham Town Business Association

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