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Aug 12, 2015 8:26 AM ET

Archived: TGMATRIX – INTELLIGENT MATCHING: The Uber for freight logistics, saving billions of wasted miles

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2015




The freight logistics market is incredibly inefficient: too many trucks carry nearly empty loads, and congestion and pollution are both on the increase. TGMatrix wants to do what Uber has done for the taxi market for the freight market (roads, rail and sea), to put an end to the industry’s heavy reliance on laborious, manual operations that so significantly contribute to the market’s problems.

Investment Summary

There is currently very little central coordination of the freight industry. Instead, the market is managed by manual processes that are both labour and time intensive and mean that there is virtually no real-time relationship between supply and demand, which would enable shippers and distributors to match goods that need moving with spare capacity. TGMatrix has carefully designed algorithms for software that could revolutionise the way that the market operates.

This €900 billion market is ‘inefficient, expensive, polluting and living in a pre-internet age’ according to MD Patrice Schneider, and TGMatrix believe that they can shake up the industry, in much the same way Uber transformed the taxi industry.

TGMatrix has already secured the support of industry heavyweights such as Kimberly Clark, Sainsbury’s, PD Ports, Alliance Boots, Eddie Stobart as well as DHL, the largest global logistics company.


TGMatrix can provide a ‘win win’ solution for both sides of the market with a c.15% cost reduction in transport spend for shippers and a c.300%+ increase in margins for carriers. Additionally, the company believes it can reduce the administration associated with transport procurement by more than 75%, with corresponding cost savings for all parties.

What’s more, the company could help bring about a reduction of 2,000,000 tons of CO2 emissions per annum in Europe alone, with knock-on benefits in reducing congestion and pollution. The EU Commission has recently highlighted that the logistics industry is now the only industry which has a carbon footprint that is still on the rise.

With a team comprised of senior lifetime logistics professionals as well as software development experts, TGMatrix has both the practical knowledge needed to deliver its market solution, as well as access to large peer networks that the team has built over many years.

TGMatrix’s Founder Brian Bolam commented:

“The logistics industry is currently extremely inefficient and still heavily reliant on laborious manual processes. Using smart technology to bring the industry into the Internet Age will benefit shippers with lower prices, carriers with better margins and society at large due to reduced emissions and congestion.

We want to transform the industry we have worked in for most of our working lives such that we can be proud that the industry has accepted its shortcomings and found a community solution such that whilst all stakeholders gain financially, we also deliver a sustainable industry for the future. There is a very significant opportunity to build a Global Market leading company with the attendant financial benefits this will bring.”


Contact Information:

Patrice Schneider

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