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Aug 12, 2015 1:23 PM ET

Archived: POPPY- Powerful, Organic, Effective, Skincare: We’re POPPY! A 100% natural and organic skincare company. We use powerful skincare technology to deliver the most effective products on the market. We want to expand our skincare line.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2015
Personal Story

I grew up on a 60 acre ranch in San Luis Obispo county. My parents had a huge garden and orchard where we grew a lot of our own food and herbs. When I was little my sister and I used to pick and dry the roses, chamomile and borage flowers that grew in our garden. We would use the flowers to make floral waters for a facial mist and on the weekends we would set up a roadside stand where we would try to sell our floral waters on the side of our country road. We hardly had any customers since we lived in the middle of nowhere but that is where my love of creating skincare out of natural ingredients began. Some of the plants and herbs grown in my childhood garden I still use today in my skincare products. When I was a teenager a family member gave me a book with all kinds of great recipes on how to make your own facial masks, moisturizers, toners and cleansers. I became fascinated with making skincare products for my friends and family. When I graduated high school I knew that I wanted a career in skincare and in 2000 I received my license as an Esthetician.

I began to notice that during my facial treatments products which contained natural, whole ingredients produced better results than products that contained synthetic, chemical ingredients. Around this time I read a medical article about how the most toxic thing that women in California do to their bodies is their skincare. That was when I knew that I wanted to make skincare products not only for myself but to make them available to others. I began by taking Chemistry and Skincare Blending classes at the University of Esthetics in Los Angeles. In the beginning I made fresh, organic, natural skincare for my friends and family. The demand continued to grow and now I am able to offer my made to order, all natural, organic and effective skincare online and in select stores.

Business Description

We’re POPPY a 100% natural and organic skincare company. At POPPY, we consciously recognize that the skin is our body’s largest organ, and serves as a major passageway between the surface of the skin and the inside of our bodies. What we put on our skin absorbs directly into our bloodstream. We are a company dedicated to providing fresh, 100% natural, organic skincare that is completely free of all harmful chemicals and preservatives. Our unique ingredients are sustainably grown and fair trade certified.
The plants & herbs used in our products are sourced from local, certified organic farms. Using fresh, high quality ingredients is very important to us. By sourcing our ingredients locally, we are able to work hand in hand with the growers. We can see their growing practices first hand. We are able to harvest the ingredients when they are at their peak potential and use them at their optimal freshness. At POPPY, we are making use of the most powerful skincare technology available to deliver our customers with the most effective skincare products on the market.

Our future goals include expanding our skincare line. One of the new products that we would like to add to our line is an Organic Sugar Cane Exfoliant. There is currently nothing like this on the market. The Organic Sugar Cane Exfoliant provides deep exfoliation that penetrates past the epidermis and continues to exfoliate for 3 days after it is applied. It removes dead, dry, flaky skin and stimulates new cell turnover. This exfoliant improves skin tone and texture. It softens wrinkles and erases dark spots. It naturally causes your skin to produce more collagen and elastin making your skin firmer and smoother. This 100% natural, powerful and effective exfoliant is derived from organically grown sugar cane. After using the Organic Sugar Cane Exfoliant your skin will be soft and supple with a glowing, dewy finish. By expanding our line and offering a wider variety of products we will be able to increase our sales and provide more revenue for our company.

What is the purpose of this loan?

We will use this loan to expand our skincare line. We currently sell our organic skincare in spas, boutiques, health food stores and online. Our customers and accounts have requested that we offer more products to choose from. I have been told that whatever we make they will buy. They respect the kind of quality that we are offering and appreciate the ingredients and technology that goes into the products that we create. By expanding our skincare line we will have more options that will appeal to a wider range people. To create these new products we will need to buy ingredients in bulk, this will use about 85% of the loan. We will also need to purchase packaging to bottle our new products in which will take about 10% of the loan. Lastly we will use part of the loan to have labels printed on all the bottles for the new products (we use a local screen printer, Adam Petlier for all of our labels.) The labels will cost us about 5% of the loan.

We will be doubling the variety of products that we offer and we expect to double the amount of income that we bring in. I have a four year old daughter and I am pregnant with my second baby. My family relies on the income that POPPY skincare products brings in. As my family grows and expenses increase I know that I need to increase sales and income so that I can continue to provide my family with what we need.

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