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Aug 12, 2015 7:53 PM ET

Archived: Kingdom on Earth Coffee

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2015

Kingdom on Earth Coffee

Many people have asked me to explain my vision for Kingdom on Earth Coffee. To be honest, I see it only in parts.  If you were to ask me what I want it to feel and look like, I’d point you to Pinterest here. If you were to tell me how it will get done, I’d show you our progress here. If you were to ask me why I’m even doing it, I’d simply tell you: Jesus wanted me to.

Over two years ago, I told the Lord I wanted to open a coffee shop for Him; about a year later, He said OK (see The Confirmation video below). In January 2015, I left my job in software to focus on KOE Coffee full time.

I want KOE Coffee to be a place where people can come together and be the gospel, not just hear it.  A place where everyone has something to share, and something to receive. A place without pressure but with great excitement and expectation that can only come from the Lord.

Kingdom on Earth Coffee is so much more than coffee or a shop. It’s a vision from the Lord that we are slowly getting as we build it out. You may see our progress on the shop, you may watch an encouraging video on how the Lord provided for a need, or you may read an article about understanding the good news of walking with Jesus.  Whatever you find at KOECoffee.com, we simply hope it brings you one inch closer to knowing who Jesus really is.

Please note! If you’d like to donate towards the shop, we’d love your help! We doing this ‘full time’ and while we make every effort to use the money for KOE specifically, some of your donation will be used towards personal living expense. If you’d like any further details, do not hesitate to ask!

Contact Information:

Dane Vosler

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