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Aug 12, 2015 4:27 PM ET

Hoop24Seven – Website for Global Basketball Players to Organize Pickup Games

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2015

Hoop24Seven helps basketball players of all skill levels find local games with ease. Our website provides a medium for national and international players to communicate and meet up all across the globe.  

Hoop24Seven is a basketball website for basketball players, by basketball players. We are excited to have the opportunity to bring such an innovative concept to our fellow ballers and know it will be of great use in our community.


Being a basketball player makes you part of a community, and once you connect with your people, assimilating to a new location becomes much easier.

But finding those locations where people play recreational pickup basketball is hard. It’s even harder to know with certainty if people are actually going to show up when the say they will. We’ve all been there: we show up for to a location that regularly has 20 or more people, and only 3 people show up that day. It sucks, and it’s a huge waste of time, especailly for those who have limited time they can spend playing.

We understand this problem because we’re basketball players ourselves. It was through this frustration that Hoop24Seven was born.

We created a constantly growing database of courts, games, players, and locations that allow players to post games and find games to participate in. Players can join games and invite other players to games they are attending. No other platform collects pickup game times and makes them available to their users.


Hoop24Seven provides a ton of great features to help you get your pickup game off the ground.

The dashboard is the user homepage — it displays user profiles, including home court information and ratings. The dashboard will also allow users to view and respond to game invitations from other users.

The Rate Me option allows players to rate each other’s skills on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

Game Notifications
Keep track of your games on the interactive calendar or my games list. You’ll always know where you next game’s at.

Court Favorites
By saving the courts you play at to your favorites, you can quickly leave comments and set up future games.

Player Directory
Search the player directory to find players in your area. Adding players to your favorties will allow you to quickly invite them to pickup games you are attending.

Create A Game
To create a game, users must select a court, date, and time. Users can also invite players from their favorites list. Once an open game has been created, it is viewable to the entire basketball community.

Open vs. Private Games
Open games can be joined by anyone in the community. The rest of the players will see you’ve joined, and you can invite others as well. Players can also create private games that do not show up to the community and are joinable by invite only, function not                                          available at public locations.

Users can view their scheduled games, invitations, and cancelled games in an organized calendar view.

Players can search for games by state, city, gym type (indoor/outdoor), court requirements (free entry/membership required/etc).

Add to the Database
We do our best to catalog every basketball court we can find, but we know we can never find all of them. That’s where you and the rest of the community come in. Users of Hoop24Seven can add their court and location to the database if they do not find it in the court database.


Mike is a 28-year-old office professional who played basketball in college. He enjoys playing basketball in his spare time, but finds it hard to find competition to challenge him. His local gym rarely has players of his ability. He loves to play, but just wants to be challenged by players of similar skill levels.

Joe is a 32-year-old male that picked up basketball as a way to stay active. He finds it enjoyable, but doesn’t know of any locations to play at on a consistent basis. He is not the most skilled, but finds basketball to be challenging enough to capture his attention.

For Mike and Joe, Hoop24Seven is the perfect place to go fix their problems. Mike can search for players of a higher skill level and arrange meet ups. Joe simply wants to play the game and can use Hoop24Seven to find out when games close to him are going on. He can see the profiles of the players participating and know if the competition level is right for him.


We started building Hoop24Seven in January of 2014. The site officially launched in December of the same year, but we just finished major updates in June 2015. Our website is fully functional and currently has 150 users without us doing any major marketing. Our user numbers are growing everyday, and will see major increases once we start to actively promote our platform.Also in June, we started the development of our iOS and Android apps. We expect to have the prototype page layouts done by the end of summer. While our mobile apps are in development our platform is completely mobile responsive with text notifications enabled for game invites.



As basketball players ourselves, we are heavily involved in the basketball community and have very large networks of potential users than span many states and countries. We intend to exhaust our network of recreational, college, and professional players and use social media to increase awareness of our platform. We also plan to spend a considerable amount of time searching out courts physically to sign up new users at locations.

Up Next: Launch this heavy marketing effort, finish our mobile apps, and launch the revenue generating stream for our website. Please see the business plan tab of this profile to read more about that.


Travell Hector, CEO
Travell handles the day-to-day management and web development of Hoop24Seven. He is a Navy veteran who has been playing basketball since he was 5 years, including every week consistently for the past 10 years. While in the Navy, Travell managed subordinates and clinic assets, and excelled in high pressure medical environments (combat, surgical, clinical). He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business Administration.

Travell is driven by his love of the game. He decided to create Hoops24seven after seeing first hand how frustrating it is to have players flake out on scheduled games, or not know where to find courts or fellow players.

Jimmy Bention Jr., CMO
Jimmy leads our marketing efforts. He has been in Public Affairs as an Active Duty Marine Corp senior leadership position since 2003. Before Active Duty, we was an Advertising and Marketing Program Manager for the Recruiting Station in Baltimore.

Donald Hammond Jr., COO
Donald develops all internal procedures and protocol. Also in the Active Duty Marine Corp senior leadership, he was previously the lead inspector for 1st Marine Division (Largest Division in USMC), where he oversaw management and deployment of internal programs and policies.

Contact Information:

Travell Hector
Jimmy Bention Jr.
Donald Hammond Jr.

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