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Aug 12, 2015 8:44 AM ET

CarGo Seat: a safe, comfortable and fun booster seat that doubles up as practical children’s luggage for use when travelling

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 12, 2015

CarGo Seat

CarGo Seat


The Invention 

We invented the CarGo Seat concept on a family holiday after our car hire desk handed us a set of dirty and dented booster seats, alongside an enormous bill for one week of hire. Looking at the stained and timeworn seats didn’t exactly fill us with confidence at the thought of protecting our young boys when travelling, and we realised this was a problem likely to be faced by many parents. What we needed was a safe and secure booster seat, which was practical for travelling but still appealing for children. And so CarGo Seat was invented!

As soon as we got home, we carried out extensive desk research on the booster seat and travel market place and realised we had struck gold with our concept for CarGo Seat. We believe the idea was fresh and exciting – CarGo Seat was ready to shake up the booster seat market.

Although we were very enthusiastic about the product we had to check we were right, and so we engaged a product designer to help us develop a prototype for further research.

The Journey 

The journey so far has been exciting, and CarGo Seat was delighted to feature on the BBC3 series Be Your Own Boss, where our Head of Innovation Gary Burns pitched the product to would-be investors. From 500 companies, CarGo Seat was shortlisted to receive seed stage fund of £2300 and then further investment of £25,000 – a fantastic win for the early CarGo Seat prototype.

Following development of the first prototype, we undertook product and market testing by using fully accredited members of the Market Research Society. The independent product research was carried out in the form of intensive focus groups, and the results were very encouraging. With a few suggested tweaks to our prototype, parents were excited about CarGo Seat and felt it was a viable product in the marketplace today.

With the convenience of both children’s luggage and a transportable booster seat all in one, CarGo Seat is the perfect travel companion for families.

The Research

We understand the value of customers and their feedback, and so we listened to their advice. We took their opinions on-board, modified the original CarGo Seat prototype, and the product you see today is the end result. 

When it comes to safety, our focus groups proved that this is a number one priority for parents. CarGo Seat has undergone extensive and rigorous consultation with the Transport Research Lab UK to ensure it meets the strictest of safety regulations which is demonstrated by our future ECE Reg 44 accreditation partnership with Transport Research Laboratory.

Product specification:


  • Secure roller luggage, perfect for storing toys and clothes, with 12L capacity

  • Lightweight, strong and sturdy 

  • Secure lock to keep contents safe

  • Easy release pop up arms for in car travel – simply push the centre of the wheel

  • Moulded seat for maximum comfort

  • Wipeable cushion for quick cleaning

  • Grab handle and shoulder strap for carrying

  • Clear seat belt guides for parents

Launch to market

The first CarGo Seats will aim to go on sale in 2015. With the support of our highly experienced Marketing and Sales Director, we will actively engage in a compelling retail campaign to launch the product to market. To date we have had strong interest from a number of key retailers and we will pursue these opportunitie alongside building additional retailer relationships. We will also retail CarGo Seat on our own e-commerce website which is due to go live to coincide with the product launch.

Contact Information:

Gary Burns
Clare Burns
Iain Morrison

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