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Aug 11, 2015 11:30 AM ET

Archived: Self-Powered, Add-On, Bicycle Generator & USB Phone Charger: Power Phones, Lights & USB Devices while You Cycle with Your Very Own Zero-Emissions, Zero-Friction, Add-On CydeKick Generator

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2015
the CydeKick Anatomy
the CydeKick Anatomy

The CydeKick Pro is a self-powered, add-on bicycle generator that converts a cyclist’s motion into electrical energy for charging your phone and powering your lights.No need to worry about your battery or bike lights dying while you’re riding.The CydeKick generates, stores, and delivers power to keep you safe and connected. Best of all it adds no mechanical friction meaning you won’t feel like you’re biking uphill.

This project began as an experiment in a small apartment in Miami when I combined my interest in cycling with my passion for green technology. Fast forward three years and today my business partner, Bethany, and I are determined to take the CydeKick to the next level in its product evolution. We want to bring this eco-friendly technology to the world and provide an incentive for people to choose their bikes over their cars. The CydeKick provides this option by enabling the transient world to stay connected without requiring a vehicle. That is why we’re reaching out for your support. The goal of our campaign is to raise enough capital to kickstart production so that as many people as possible have this choice and so that those already into cycling can enjoy the luxury. 

the Pod (Headlight & USB Output)
the Pod (Headlight & USB Output)

the CydeKick Pro

  • Add-On, Self-Powered, Bicycle Generator System 
  • USB Output for Charging Smartphones, Action Cams, GPS, etc.
  • No Added Friction
  • High-Intensity LED Headlight (Included)
  • Stores Energy while You Ride but Can Also be Plugged in and Recharged at Home
  • Expandable – Choose from Other Plug-n-Play Lighting Accessories & Electronics

Not everybody needs a USB output on their bike.  Some just need reliable bike lights that never require a change of batteries.  The “Mini” brings that capability.

the CydeKick Mini

  • Add-On, Self-Powered, Bicycle Generator System (Lighting Only)
  • No Added Friction
  • High-Intensity LED Headlight (Included)
  • Battery-Free 
  • Expandable – Choose from Other Plug-n-Play Lighting Accessories  

How does the CydeKick Pro work?

The CydeKick Pro uses electromagnetic induction to create power. In a nutshell, when a magnetic disc attached to your wheel spins near coils in your frame mounted stator electrical current is created. This power is conditioned (AC to DC), then either stored internally or fed directly to your USB devices.

A lot of engineering has gone into the design in order to improve performance, reliability, and installation. To improve power output we’ve applied several techniques including the use of high-grade neodymium magnets, special arrangement of the coils, careful selection of magnetic & non-magnetic materials, closed loop path for flux, and our new track-and-swivel mount for maximizing the proximity between stator and rotor. A photo of the latter is not yet shown on our campaign page, but a snapshot of the model can be seen below.

New Track & Swivel Mount Design 

How much power does the CydeKick Pro generate?

At this time we would be remiss to publish any specs until we have had the opportunity to finish incorporating the final performance mods (including the track-and-swivel mount mentioned above). We want to make sure that we have sufficient data to substantiate any announced figures. I can tell you that our goal is to provide at minimum ½ Amp @ 5 Volts.

How easy is it to install the CydeKick Pro?

The CydeKick Pro can be installed at home by anybody that can assemble a piece of Ikea furniture. The rotor disc can be maneuvered onto the axle of your wheel without removing the wheel from the frame. It’s then strapped to the spokes. The track-and-swivel mount with the stator slide onto the axle and are tightened down to the frame with a nut or cam lever. In order to prevent the stator from sliding on the drum and getting stuck to the magnets a spacer that comes with our installation kit is temporarily sandwiched in between the rotor and stator until the stator is clamped down to the drum. To install the Pod just wrap the metal-reinforced band around your handlebar and through the ratcheted installation block, pulling the strap until its tight. As far as routing the cable to your frame zip ties work well and are barely noticeable.

Can I install the CydeKick on a bike with disc brakes?  

For those with disc brakes I plan on offering an alternative mount for the Pro that will allow you to install to the front wheel on the opposite side of the disc brake. It’s simply a shorter version of the track-and-swivel rear mount shown above.  The Mini is already provisioned for installation to the front so it’s a non-issue.

Is the CydeKick weatherproof?

Yes. We are adding final tweaks to ensure the CydeKick is either sealed or the internal electronics are potted (with conformal coating resin) depending on where they are located and the voltage at that location.  

How about the CydeKick Mini?

The CydeKick Mini employs the same concepts as the Pro except on a much smaller scale. It’s also lighter and easier to install.  

How will funding be used?

Below is a high-level breakdown of how we intend to use funding. 

Funding Breakdown
Funding Breakdown


“PROMO PACK” $15 Reward – (Custom Promo Stickers)

“SUPPORTER SWAG” $30 Reward (Mens or Ladies T-Shirt)

“JAWS OF BIKE” $35 Reward – (Phone/GPS Bike Holder)

“THE SMORGASBORD” $75 Reward – (Any combination of items less than $75, i.e. Phone Holder + T-Shirt)

“MINI-ME” $150 Reward – (CydeKick Mini, Limited Edition)

“BRAGGING RIGHTS” $275 Reward – (CydeKick Pro, Limited Edition)

“ART-ON-WHEELS” $1200 Reward – (Custom Designed Fixie Bike with CydeKick Mini Generator) 

“THE PICASSO” $1300 Reward – (Custom Designed Fixie Bike with CydeKick Pro Generator)  

Above is an example of the custom designed fixies with CydeKick installed we are offering.  Designs will vary based on artist.

If you’d like to learn more the artists please visit www.spineticsinc.com/kickstarter

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If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to send me an email at nzamora@spineticsinc.com.

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Spinetics (Nick & Bethany)

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