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Aug 11, 2015 3:11 PM ET

Oaktree Institute Student Sponsorship Campaign: Sponsor the leaders of tomorrow today!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2015

Oaktree Institute Student Sponsorship Campaign

As-salam alaykum and Ramadhan kareem!

Are you looking to invest in a nonprofit organization impacting Muslims by developing leaders around the country? Do you want a long term investment which will inshaAllah be a means of Sadaqah Jariyah and benefit you greatly in the hereafter? Help Oaktree Institute maintain its tradition of never rejecting a student due to finances.

Who we are?

We are a team of subject matter experts with one focus: nurturing leadership in a comprehensive and systematic way. At Oaktree Institute, we aim to develop value-driven, action-focused and results-oriented leaders.

What we do?

We offer a comprehensive and practical learning experience including thoroughly researched articles, videos, and blogs. Our students utilize the content via multiple delivery methods to gain significant depth of theoretical and practical knowledge. The education moves students beyond the classroom to implement what they learn along four spheres of their lives: (1) Personal Leadership, (2) Family Leadership, (3) MSA Leadership (High Schools, Colleges) and (4) Community Leadership (Organizational).

We offer leadership seminars that we have conducted in over 85 organizations around the country. We partnered with community centers, mosques, schools, and MSA’s and delivered the following seminars:

1. College & Career Planning

2. The Art of Deliver: Public Speaking Training

3. Shattering Doubts: Find Faith When the Mind Questions God

4. Community Leadership

5. My Life On Purpose

6. MSA Organizational Training

7. Nonprofit Management & Organizational Development

8. Destined to Lead: Develop the Leader Within You

9. And More…

Why we need you?

We have a tradition at Oaktree Institute to never reject anyone due to finances. If an individual who wishes to attend one of our classes or workshops cannot afford to pay the tuition, we allow them entry free of charge. In order to keep up with this tradition, we need you to generously donate towards our scholarship fund and what better time than Ramadan when our deeds are multiplied beyond our imagination?

The Oaktree Impact

“I feel that it’s great that they provide personal and organizational development workshops that differ from the standard seminars that other institutes hold. These topics are far more relevant, needed, applicable, and useful for the vast majority of people. People were actually very surprised at how the workshop went, because it provided a new lens of thinking that was very enlightening.”

-Hamid Syed

President of Drexel University MSA

“Enhancing your Influence: Expanding your Leader Within,” was by a long shot the best leadership seminar I have attended at the University of Minnesota. I understand now why Br. Mohammed AlMathil placed an emphasis on attending at least a few seminars every year. One thing that struck me was that he started exactly on time, despite the fact that there were a lot more people on the way. It made me realize that if want to combat the infamous “Muslim Time,” i.e., if you want people to come on time, you shouldn’t cater to their lazy tendencies. The knowledge I gained was invaluable, and very applicable to my life as a university student and beyond

-Mahmoud Mire

Student at University of Minnesota

“He knew how to make a topic like leadership, which people preach to students like us a lot, so engaging, fun to learn, relevant  and related back to our Deen. His points were clear, and his tips were practical and easy to remember. He is very motivated, and definitely inspired me to go out and pursue my goals and dreams. I will definitely incorporate what I’ve learned into my life and want to attend more Oaktree workshops in the future.”

-Taiba Zahir

President of Islamic Society of Boston University

“Mohammad Almathil’s event ‘Shoot for the Stars’ at the College of Staten Island was undoubtedly one of the best events we have offered our students. The topic of potential and self reflection is something that is lost in the rush of today’s society. Almathil was able to engage everyone in his workshop with his interactive sessions and group work. After the event, I personally felt empowered and I have the ability to easily pinpoint my strengths and utilize them for the future. This event benefited every single attendee despite their faith because it redirected their focus on their real needs.”

-Nisma Zakria

President of College of Staten Island MSA


“Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned.” [2:245]

We appreciate your generous support and ask Allah SWT to accept from you!


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Oaktree Institute

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