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Aug 11, 2015 6:23 AM ET

Invest in Holiday to Romania: the organisation of the holiday of a lifetime

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2015

Invest in Holiday to Romania

Holiday to Romania

The idea of this business came to me from my experience as a volunteer in an NGO while I was studying. I  travelled in 12 countries in Europe and I met a lot of different people bounded by the same objective. This made me collaborate with 4 alumni with whom I had worked in that NGO to create the concept of our business.

The main idea is the development of Romanian tourism, to promote its beauties and give those who have never heard of it the opportunity of visiting and discovering the amazing things Romania has to offer and to have the best holiday ever, shortly to take their holiday to the next level with the most extreme sports besides the beauty of Romania.

Which is why you are now reading this, in order to help us start our activities and make Romania known as days go by.

Romanian LandscapeBalea Lake at 2400 meters

About Romania

Romania is the 13th country in Europe size wise, with opening to the Black Sea. The terrain is distributed almost equally and gathers all types of land: mountains, hills and plains. The highest mountain of the country is of 2544 metres and there are also 14 other peaks of over 2000 metres. In its way to the Black Sea the Danube river creates the second largest and best preserved Delta in Europe, it is also a biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site.

Due to its landscape and climate one can practice any kind of sport from water based to mountain specific.

As far as vegetation is concerned 47% of Romania’s surface is forest, 27% of it being unexplored, 27 types of plants have been named natural monuments and are protected by law, 13 natural parks and 3 biosphere reserves of 10 000 km2 and 5 800 km2 of delta. The Danube Delta gathers over 3 700 plants and 700 types of animals. We can also brag about our fauna, 50% of the brown bears are in Romania and 20% of the wolves in Europe.

“The Danube Delta”

With its’ castles and palaces from North to South, Romania’s history starts in The cave with bones from 38 000 BC.The remains found there are thought to be of the oldest Homo Sapiens in Europe. The first saline in the world is also in Romania since 6050 BC.

We come second as number of caves in Europe (just 973) and the landscapes which are like depicted from a movie (You dont trust us, take a pick:

When it comes to castles, palaces, citadels, fortifications and monuments part of the UNESCO Heritage we have an impressive number of recognised places.

Let’s be serious now, who hasn’t heard of Dracula’s story, from the heart of Romania, Transylvania, a cruel, correct and prominent ruler who became a story figure globally known.

We want to offer everyone the chance to know the real story of Dracula, of John of Hunedoara the saviour of Europe at Belgrade in July 1456 and to discover other castles and rulers who amaze anyone.

Hunyad Castle from Hunedoara

Poiana Brasov Slope

In the winter season Romania has some of the most beautiful landscapes which you also should not miss. When it comes to slopes, you can find any category you want from those arranged for skiers, for snowboarders to natural tracks which give the professionals the opportunity to explore and have a lot of fun. The temperatures drop to – 20 degrees Celsius but our clients will not have the time to feel that, we will take care of it with all sorts of activities.

One other thing which differentiate us from other West European countries is the fact that in some villages old traditions are still alive and so is the way of living. People raise animals for milk, meat, eggs, grow vegetables in the garden, work the field to provide food for them and the animals. There are also places where people bake their own bread which is made with the grain they’ve harvested the previous year. This being said we do mostly expect you to come and experience the traditions we have during holidays and to see how beautiful they are and last but not least to taste the rich cuisine and our famous palinca.

These are a little part of what someone can see and learn about Romania.

After all the things we mentioned above, we find Romania to be a very beautiful and rich country with a poor promotion and an undeveloped tourism. So we want it give our best in changing this fact by proactively work for Romania’s promotion and ny organising holidays for everyone regardless of the country they come from.

You don’t believe that Romania must visited, take a look at what some visitors say about the country where we want to develop the tourism:

So what will we do? Our project

Imagine that you are thinking about taking a vacation and you just want to make a few phone calls to plan it or to send a couple of emails and finally have the most awesome holiday ever, ending up doing more activities than you’ve expected and experiencing new things.

Our services are mainly focused on the organisation of the holiday of a lifetime but also the organisation of: tours (in different areas of Romania), city tours, trips. All of these also including all kind of different activities to enrich the experience of every person and to have the time of their life, such as paragliding, motocross, car rally, scuba diving, skydiving and other things some people do only once in a lifetime.


Holiday to Romania will have four main services:

  • Holiday planning. This meaning the actual organisation of a holiday from its beginning to its end, from the arrival of the participants and to the moment they leave the country. We will take care that they will have everything they need and of course a great time. We will  provide, accommodation, meals, souvenirs, family activities, sports activities, extreme activities and also photo-video services things which will make them remember that holiday forever.

  • Tours. This refers to taking a tour of Romania in a certain area, a tour plan previously established by us. It will be focused on the cultural side of the country but even this service will include at least an activity that will refresh and vitalise the participants, such as paintball, paragliding or other activities depending on the area where it is taken.

  • Get to Know the City. GKC is a service destined to people who want to discover a city in a limited time while they are, let’s say, having a business trip to our country and have an extra day to visit or any other tourist who is already in the country but doesn’t know what to visit. They should also be prepared for a out of ordinary activity.

  • Trip. Trips are mini tours at destinations such as monuments, ruins,mostly in nature where one can enjoy the natural beauty of our country.

Corporate and Events will be two other services which refer to organising customised events for companies the first one and the other to creating events with a specific theme and an already planned schedule or individuals who want to visit a country but also let’s say take a course of paragliding.

Our aim is to get to know our clients and make them feel good while visiting our country. We consider that a holiday should be personalised in order to make the people who purchase it have the best time of their life. That is why we will mold our services to our clients’ preferences or to match their character.

Romania is among Europe’s most beautiful and richest countries with its fauna, flora, history, culture, tradition and  a lot of other fascinating things which seldom cross the country’s borders. So, our biggest objective is to make all about Romania known to the outside countries, to make people travel here through our activities and the promotion projects we will develop.

We have so many beautiful and diversified places one can enjoy that almost any type of person would have a great time in Romania, too bad not many people know about them. This is why we will proactively work to develop the Romanian tourism, to increase the number of tourists, of people who leave Romania thinking ‘’ I’m surely coming back’’ and ‘’I can’t wait to tell my friends what beautiful things I’ve seen and what a great time I had’’. This is our greatest project.

Balea LakeTraditional clothes

Invest in us!

Well, we hope we didn’t fail to present what we have in mind (and on paper), in case you have questions you can always write to us at [email protected] or [email protected].

To create this concretely, to TAKE peoples’ HOLIDAY TO THE NEXT LEVEL and to develop the tourism in Romania we need you to believe and invest in our idea.

Now, lets talk about prizes… YES! We want you to invest in our project and when we hit our target we will also give something back for each of your investment. We thought a lot about this and our first idea was to give you a discount of the same amount of money you invest for your first holiday, trip, tour, GKC in Romania and an awesome prize will be a fight with paraglider near Brasov. Then we thought about the specific of our project and we considered that some souvenirs would be appropriate too such as magnets with Romania and tshirts with Holiday to Romania. The last price is for who want a discount on After we put this in practice it will be up to you to choose which of the prizes you want to receive.

So if you believe in us and you want to help us start this project, invest in us or help us with a share to friends or acquaintances who might want to do that with a Share on Facebook or an email to someone who you know that will be interested.

Thank you!


Contact Information:

Dan Cernaianu

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