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Aug 11, 2015 7:01 AM ET

Archived: Fitmibody: a personal training and fitness company providing high-end personal training services and outdoor fitness classes

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2015



The Idea

FitMiBody is a personal training and fitness company providing high-end personal training services and outdoor fitness classes (our popular #FitMiBody Pay What You Like fitness classes) in London.

Our mission is to create an innovative fitness training movement which combines one on one training and the benefits of a group fitness class environment, helping to ensure quality tailored personal training is affordable to everyone.


The Problem: 

The fitness industry is split into 2 services: personal training, which comes at a premium and is not affordable to all, and fitness classes, which do not provide the structure and progression to allow everyone to achieve results. 


Our Solution:

FitMiBody will offer personal training within a fitness class environment by introducing Transformation and Progression training packages held at our brand new flagship studio located on Old Street.

Our aim is to provide tailored personal training services to the quality of one on one personal training, however to help the client achieve their goals and offer affordable pricing, the client will train as part of a small fitness class with the knowledge they’re being completely supported by qualified fitness professionals while working towards their goals.


How this works: 

  • A client buys a 6 week Transformation package (£270), giving them access to unlimited fitness classes per week with a minimum requirement to attend 3 classes per week.
  • A personal trainer is assigned and with the client, analyses their goals, weaknesses and formulates a plan of attack, including nutritional and training plans.
  • The client receives ongoing personal training support to ensure progression is on track over the course of the 6 weeks.

Another offer is our Progression package (£198) for clients who already maintain their own fitness program but would like to have the option to attend FitMiBody classes. This package provides access to a maximum of 3 fitness classes per week over the course of the 6 week package.

Other options to attend our classes include a drop-in rate (£19), 10 session block rate (£120) and 20 session block rate (£260). 


Why FitMiBody? 

FitMiBody is built on a solid foundation of providing fantastic customer service; on top of this are 3 pillars that ensure our clients’ fitness goals are achieved: Progression, Structure and Sustainability.

Specialising in both personal training and fitness classes, we see there is a grey area in fitness yet to be explored which puts personal training within a fitness class structure; this will open a new way of personal training to a wider market.


Where it’s all happening: 

At our flagship studio located in East London. On top of fitness classes, we will also continue to provide our quality one on one personal training services as well as physio/sports massage services. Having our own studio we will also be able to train our own FitMiBody trainers to advance in their niche field. 

History of the company/ Funding to date

FitMiBody evolved from FitMi Training, launched by Matt Lo in April 2014. Since the birth of FitMiBody in October 2014, we’ve seen a growing FitMiBody Fitness class base of 753, hold 6 of our #FitMiBody Pay What You Like outdoor fitness classes in London each week and have an established, goal-driven personal training business with a team of 5 FitMiBody Trainers.


How funds will be used from this raise

The funds raised will be used to open our flagship East London Studio on Old Street which will involve purchasing equipment, fixtures and fittings as well as an extensive marketing campaign to introduce our Transformation and Progression packages, drive sales and introduce our new studio in and around the local market.

This will give FitMiBody a solid base on which to:

  • Provide our new and innovative combined fitness classes and personal training services.
  • Continue offering our high quality one on one personal training services, and
  • Introduce physiotherapy/sports massage.

Achieving the above will complete our vision of creating our flagship FitMiBody fitness studio as a true place for fitness, health and wellbeing for the community.

By 2020, we aim to establish FitMiBody studios in major city destinations and to have the brand internationally recognised.

Contact Information:

Matt Lo

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