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Aug 11, 2015 8:27 AM ET

Archived: FantasyHub – Play Fantasy Sports. Win Money. Support Charity. Compete w/ Athletes

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 11, 2015


FantasyHub is a daily fantasy sports platform where users can play fantasy games, win real money, and play against their favorite athletes to support amazing charities.

By partnering with celebrity athletes, FantasyHub allows its users to interact with and play against their sports heroes, give back to good causes, and even win personalized prizes from the athletes themselves such as meet/greets, rounds of golf, and signed memorabilia.

Whether you want to win cash, donate it all to charity, or win a round of golf with Bo Jackson, you can do it all on FantasyHub — and have fun doing it.


We allow sports fans the opportunity to play fantasy sports, win cash and priceless prizes, and support their favorite charity. Users love how we continue to surprise them with better features and amazing experiences.

We capitalize on the intrinsic star-value of our partner athletes by offering prizes no other daily fantasy sports site can deliver. Want tickets to a Miami Heat game that include a meet and greet with the players? Or what about a personal phone call with NFL MVP Kurt Warner? Getting these prizes is not only fun, but rewarding as well. You’ll play the daily fantasy sports games you can’t get enough of while also giving back to those in need.

Over the last 6 months, we have worked with over 30 professional athletes and celebrities, helping them raise more than $75,000 for charity and driving over 13,000 users to our platform. Many of these athletes have committed to now running monthly games on our site and weekly games during the fantasy football season.

In addition, FantasyHub has made possible:

5,661 meals served to children (partnered with Feeding America)

586 lunches for the homeless (partnered with United Way)

6,630 trees planted (partnered with Trees for the Future)

5,488 gallons of safe water (partnered with WaterStep)

Over $1,000 is raised for charities every week on FantasyHub. Players are cashing in too to the tune of over $10,000 every week.


Our competitors have spent an incredible amount of money to get to where they are today, mostly due to the highly competitive fantasy sports online marketing arena.  Even so, the current daily fantasy population is only 5% of the entire 57 million population of fantasy users.  This market is just getting started, and the potential for growth is huge.

Our ability to acquire users effectively while providing a better experience to our fans is the key to building long-term value.  We acquire users cheaply and effectively by running special fantasy contests with our athlete partners.

Because of this model, we are able to acquire users with different channels than our competitors, and at a fraction of the cost.  Not to mention, we are the first daily fantasy sports website to utilize the Meteor JS framework for our application – Meteor is a new framework that makes development of new features easy and allows for real-time updates with everything on the application, without needing a page refresh.

In our industry, up-to-date stats and real-time updates are key elements of any site. Because we minimize page refreshes and load times, our users love playing on our site.


Athletes that have run games on FantasyHub include Kurt Warner, Bo Jackson, Albert Pujols, Lolo Jones, Mario Chalmers, Patrick Peterson, Donovan McNabb, Jalen Rose, Ty Lawson, and more. Through his partnership with FantasyHub, Albert Pujols’ Down Syndrome charity (Pujols Family Foundation) has been getting a ton of recognition lately.

We have developed a unique brand and have established ourselves as the only platform doing fantasy sports for charity.

Sports fans have taken notice, spending an average of $12,000 per week on FantasyHub. We’ve been featured in:


In addition to our relationship with RotoGrinders, which we talked about above, we are also in final discussions with the largest content provider in fantasy eSports, Daily Dot, to have a similar affiliate relationship that will lead another tens of thousands of new users to our platform for no upfront cost.

Up next: we plan to scale our acquisition strategy with more athlete games. This NFL season, these games will last for the entire season instead of one week. This will create better opportunities for retention and PR and maximize the users we acquire through each athlete.

Through our partnership with the Daily Dot, we will debut our new sport, fantasy eSports. We also plan to branch out to NHL, NASCAR, and even the Olympics. By 2016, we hope to have traditional season-long competitions built out for all these sports.

This will allow FantasyHub users to bring their games with them wherever they go.


Andrew Busa, CEO
Andrew graduated with a degree in Sport Management and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee. He spent two years as manager for the men’s basketball team at UT, and finished as the head manager for the baseball team. He has also interned for FC Dallas and the New England Patriots. Busa has worked the SuperBowl twice with TeamUT, a group of top students from the University of Tennessee. This past SuperBowl, he served as Co-Director and helped create development initiatives that raised the most money ever for TeamUT while cutting the budget by over 60%. As a long time fantasy sports user, Busa understands the problems currently facing the fantasy sports market and knows exactly what needs to be done to eradicate them. As CEO, he controls brand development, business strategy, and overall product vision.

Steven Plappert, CFO/COO
Steven holds a degree in Mathematical Economics with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Kentucky. He has been playing fantasy sports for over 10 years and knows what users want. Steven passed Level 1 of the CFA exams while in college, and has worked as an investment analyst intern for First Kentucky Trust and WayCross Partners, both investment firms in Louisville, KY. In his role at FantasyHub, he manages all finance and back-office operations, business development, and sales.

Chris Pierce, CMO
Chris graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration, while also competing on the baseball field for the Volunteers. Chris is a longtime fantasy sports enthusiast with an athlete’s perspective. He brings crucial insight and creativity needed as FantasyHub sets out to change the user experience landscape in the fantasy sports world for casual and hardcore fantasy players alike. His sales and customer service experience allows him to serve FantasyHub’s customers with intuitive precision, creating a customer experience second to none. Chris leads sales and athlete relations, marketing, and social media efforts.

Contact Information:

Andrew Busa
Steven Plappert
Chris Pierce

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