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Aug 10, 2015 10:59 AM ET

Archived: Wainu monitoring system: to prevent damage from moisture and mold

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015

Wainu monitoring system


Our story

We came up with the idea of Wainu because of our need to monitor the conditions of the base floor of an old building when the snow was melting in the spring and during the rains in the fall time. A problem with ventilation, uncertainty and the real estate owner’s fear of damage from moisture or mold clarified the idea, resulting in solution and innovation for various segments and measuring needs. Wainu provides a different, wireless, modern and easy way to measure conditions in in different environments.

The founders of the company have strong expertise in sensor technology, product development, productizing and building concepts. With this experience, it was easy to start to develop the concept and technology.

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Our business & market situation

Wainu resolves a problem

Public and private real estate owners worry about the damage from moisture and mold caused by the low quality of construction, sudden rupture and hidden leaks. There’s no data for monitoring structures during the building period or after the building is finished. The real estate owner has no resources for sensory inspections and monitoring. There’s expensive equipment for random punctual measurement in the market, but constant monitoring is the only way to get real time and accumulated information. Only real time monitoring provides information on changes in the conditions and their impact on the risk of moisture damage, as well as gives alarms for problem situations.

Wainu monitoring system measures temperature and humidity. The wireless sensors measure the conditions and transmit the data to the cloud. The data is refined and the measuring results, the alarms and reports are brought to the user through a web based user interface.

The market


Every real estate owner should have the chance to know the condition of his building and be able to require quality and transparency in construction. Wainu gives an impartial measuring result, which eliminates doubts between the customer and the provider. Different seasons put a burden on the real estate, and new challenges arise as climate changes.


Wainu enables inspecting the conditions of the roof and base floor structures. The system may be installed after the building is finished or when an older house is sold or renovated. The system gives information on how the ventilating spaces function and remain risk-free for moisture damage during different seasons, such as during the rainy fall and in the spring time when the snow is melting.


Professionals use Wainu as a tool in their own projects or for growing their own business. Maintenence and renovation companies may offer their customers own measuring and monitoring services based on Wainu, for their own new construction or renovation projects.


The competing technologies are combinations of commercial and own technologies. The competitors lack own design, which affects the outlook of the products and the user interfaces. The competitors are more focused on inspecting the quality during construction, not in the mass market. The competitors in Finland are RF SensIT, Senvir and Sensire.

Competitive advantage of Wainu

Wainu is a Finnish innovation, with defined concept and complete service design. It’s inexpensive and easy to install in any real estate of any shape or size. The system is wireless and anyone can start using it. The same system can be used in various segments and for different measuring needs.

Intended use of collected capital

So far, the sales of the Wainu system has been focusing in public sector; the offices managing the real estate assets of cities, municipalities and churches. However, due to lack of resources our sales efforts have been limited. While the public sector was chosen to be the initial target segment, we have been studying other potential markets and made a preliminary market segment and partner selection. After successful financing round the market study will be completed and the sales will be organized and allocated to selected segments in cooperation with chosen, segment specific partners.

Test sales and market research will first focus in the following segments:

  • Private houses
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Churches
  • Real estate developers
  • Contractors
  • Building structure designers
  • Building industry
  • Partners (companies offering services in relation to building health)
  • High value real estate owners
  • Others

Wainu system consist of service and hardware. The service model and pricing will be defined according to each segment’s requirements and needs. The hardware remains unchanged to all segments. The sales will be organized utilizing our own resources and segment specific partners. The selected partners will also act as distributors in the future.


Contact Information:

Kimmo Hartikainen
Teemu Partanen

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