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Aug 10, 2015 4:50 PM ET

Archived: The Grateful Green Food Truck: Let’s get truckin’! Help The Grateful Green bring fresh, organic vegetarian food to South Bend!

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015

The Grateful Green Food Truck

The Grateful Green Food Truck

The Grateful Green Food truck will be the first entirely vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free food truck in South Bend, Indiana.  There has been a call for more vegetarian and vegan food options in the South Bend area, and The Grateful Green wants to answer that call with delicious, fast, and affordable plant-based meals.  We have the funding to get this truck on the road, but we need help with the last $10,000.  This will allow us to design the truck to make it look like someplace you’d want to eat.  This will also let us purchase the needed equipment for the truck in order to make you tasty juices, smoothies, coffee, soups, sandwiches, and more.

Jessie Miles, the owner of The Grateful Green Food Truck and an enthusiastic vegan, has over 17 years experience in vegetarian and vegan cuisine.  Jessie is dedicated to provide a healthy alternative to fast food that will help slim waistlines but not wallets.  Healthy food shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune.  Food trucks are able to provide quality and gourmet foods at discounted prices.  The Grateful Green Food Truck will offer customers healthy, tasty, and affordable juices, smoothies, and meals.

South Bend, Indiana is a great location for The Grateful Green Food Truck.  The city is becoming more and more exciting by the day.  We have a great art and music scene, wonderful breweries and restaurants,  and fun events such as SB150 and ArtBeat.  But, surprisingly, South Bend does not yet have a big food truck scene.  This is soon changing – the trucks are coming – and The Grateful Green Food Truck wants to help show other food truck entrepreneurs and restaurateurs that South Bend is an ideal city with great people.  With your help, you can not only help one food truck get started, but also help pave the way for other food trucks.  More food trucks = more affordable and interesting food options = more happy bellies!

Where We’re At

The recipes are tested and finished.  We’re ready.  The community is ready.  You’re ready, right?  You know you are!  We’re already invested and ready to make this happen!  All we need is some additional funding.  This is your opportunity to participate in this exciting new food venture in South Bend!  You will be helping to pay it forward – help fund us now and we’ll help feed you soon!  

What’s in it for You

Aside from our undying love and gratitude for your generosity, you also will have the opportunity to get some great perks when you help fund The Grateful Green Food Truck.   

  • For $10,000 your name will be painted on The Grateful Green Food Truck as part of the design!
  • For $5,000 we’ll name a menu item after you!
  • For $50 you’ll get a Grateful Green tote bag filled with goodies!
  • For $25 you can own your own Grateful Green Food Truck shirt!
  • For $10 your name will be displayed on our website!

Risks & Challenges

We’re prepared to take on any challenges that we will face on the road to making this dream come true.  We have secured funding for the main expenses – the truck and some equipment.  This additional funding will help us design the truck the way we want and help secure the final equipment needed on the truck.  This funding will also be used in case we need pay for repairs or maintenance in the first few months of operation.  We are confident this venture will be successful (or else we wouldn’t be doing this!) and with your help, we can make The Grateful Green Food Truck happen!

Other Ways You Can Help

Whether you can help fund us or not, you can help us get the word out and make some noise about this Indiegogo campaign!  

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or email!  Look for the share tools on the top left side of this campaign.
  • Tell your friends and family about our campaign and ask them to share our campaign to the world.
  • Visit our website.
  • Like our Facebook page.
  • Follow us on Twitter.
  • Follow us on Instagram.
  • Or if all else fails, shout about our campaign from the rooftops… well, actually you shouldn’t do that.  But thanks for thinking of us.
THANK YOU!   THANK YOU!   THANK YOU!   Together we are The Grateful Green!
Contact Information:

Jessie Miles

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