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Aug 10, 2015 12:56 PM ET

Archived: Natura Petz Organics / Natura Herbs Organics: South American organic

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015

Natura Petz Organics manufactures unique, USDA organic pet supplements for dogs, cats and horses, which originate in the Amazon rain forests and river, the Andes mountains and Pacific Ocean/Humboldt Curretn. Our all-natural products include nutritional superfoods, herbs and specialized plant adaptogens, which may help balance your pet’s immune system and may help offset disease.

Our palatable pet cap products have been studied for both nutritional and therapeutic use and are formulated for specific species. We are the only all-natural, organic certified pet wellness company focusing on South American herbals and supplements. Our products have specialized plant actions that have a corrective, reparative effect on specific conditions in dogs and cats.


The prescribed synthetic drugs often have limited results in addressing these issues and antibiotic/steroid medications can contribute to a continual secondary infection cycle that plagues dogs and cats.

Natura Petz Organics natural products are 94% effective at eliminating stones, gravel, and calculi as well as urinary tract infections, containing adaptogens, which work at a cellular level to help naturally interrupt and/or eliminate the infection cycle.

Other natural supplements such as TCMs (Traditional Chinese Medicine) are losing market share due to soil contamination, recalls, and lack of quality control.

Natura Petz Organics operates in natural life zones and exclusively works with ethical, registered growers and harvesters. As a USDA organic manufacturer, we have the highest industry certifications granted worldwide.


Our unique products are organic and nutraceutical in nature; that is, they have been studied for both their nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

Our pet line has the highest amount of superfood products in the pet industry. Superfoods are specialized plant, marine, and freshwater products that have been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as having extraordinary nutritional value.

Our pet line also has the highest amount of adaptogenic products in the pet industry. Adaptogens are a specialized collection of plant and marine products that are not only highly nutritious, but they have an alterative, or read/repair/restore effect on the animal body. Meaning: they are able to seek out metabolic, oxidative, physical and physiological dysfunction and nutritionally bring the body into balance.

Natura Petz Organics products have been developed under a traditional medical system that studies the relationship between plants, people, and animals, and how they relate to their natural environment, modern medicine, and empirical research and use.

Additionally, we offer the most products specific to cats and kittens in the industry; a path of tremendous opportunity. Our cat formulations are researched for specific species and are not simply an add-on from the dog market.

We also have additional products that we cannot share publicly, but will absolutely reshape the pet industry. We are happy to elaborate more on these products to those interested in investing in our company. Please see the Business Plan tab for full details.


Natura Petz Organics is the only company that specializes in South American plants and marine extracts. By this point, you might be wondering what’s so special about plant and marine products from South America.  

Additionally, because they are sourced internationally, we are required to put them through one extra layer of testing to ensure quality than plants from the U.S. are subjected to. Our advanced research on the efficacy of Natura Petz Organics products clearly shows that animals do much better on these herbs than North American herbs.

We presently manufacture 100 herbs with product expansion to include up to 200 specialty plants and product solutions.


We are well positioned to lead the educational process as to why South American products are superior in both form and function. We have a collection of product videos, a pet health encyclopedia with almost 3,000 pages of diseases and conditions, a booklet on using South American herbals for pet health care, and herbal experts and speakers to lead the educational campaign. Our educational resources are available in audio, video, Internet and printed formats. Our president is the only South American herbal pet health expert in the industry, making her the trusted, go-to authority.

We have a unique tie in with Pet World Media Group that will give us the media platform and expertise for our educational campaign. The influence their company has on the pet industry will help us advance our products tremendously. Through our educational campaigns, we plan to establish ourselves as the foremost organic specialty and pet centric product company in the industry, moving well beyond supplements, treats, foods, and other wellness products.


If you’ve gotten this far, you might be thinking, “Yeah, Naura Petz Organics products sound awesome, but they seem super specialized and only for serious health clinics, but not the average pet owner.”

Not so.

We have an almost equal split between dog and cat ownership for customers. Our customers are normal people who see the value in daily wellness products for their pets. They are pet-lovers just like you who want to spend as much quality time with their pets and are interested in optimizing their pet’s health, when possible.

Our customers tend to be knowledgeable about food brands and ingredients, and research a brand’s story before trusting them. They are familiar with retailers that carry high-end, all natural pet wellness products, and represent a cross-over of those who shop at Whole Foods Market, Trader Joes, or other natural stores for human groceries and health supplies. Natura Petz Organics customers are simply those that apply a similar wellness approach to their pet as they do to themselves and their families.  


Natura Petz Organics was formed almost six years ago, but we spent the first five years conducting herbal and marine research specific to dog, cat, and horse wellness. In less than a year since official product launch, our company landscape has changed 100% in terms of sales, visibility, brand awareness, and future opportunities.

At our very first trade show, we were picked up by Amazon fulfillment, did a Pet X Talk, and within 6 months, Natura Petz Organics was a well established brand. One year later, Natura Petz Organics is now recognized as THE brand authority on South American herbal and marine products.


Today, we are known by every major pet distributor and independent retailer. Natura Petz Organics now attracts the attention of every major brand in the business and that can be attributed to fabulous products, a fabulous team, and a well-developed plan for future expansion.

We already have established product lines. We presently manufacture 100 herbs, while that number will grow closer to 200 with product expansion in 2016. Our products are available in flavored capsules, powders, tinctures, liquids, serums, oils and more. We also offer all life stage categories for dogs and cats, including ALS, Adult, Senior, Puppy and Kitten. 

Our new patent-pending products about to be introduced are already in production, and already have major interest from retailers, etailers, and traditional pet industry distribution channels.

We have over 1,000 existing customers.


Our products also sell in 30 different Nature’s Pet Market locations. We are also in discussion with a collection of natural pet stores. These are the two premiere all natural industry store leaders and ideal fits for our products and brand. We are also moving into Whole Foods Market. We will be in 1 region (20+ stores) until the end of 2015, and 2 additional regions (70+ stores) beginning in 2016.


PetSmart, Sprouts, Kroger’s, Haggen, and Harris Teeter are interested in our new product rollout as well. Etailers such as IHerb, Pet Valu, Chewy’s, Wag, Vitacost, Lucky’s Pet, and Entirelypets have also expressed interest.


We are about to sell to the four primary distributors in England, Ireland, Scotland, Finland, France, and Italy. We have a new distributor in Singapore and have relationships underway with dozens more in Europe and Asia through our partnership with Global Distribution Group. We have plans to expand our international market to every continent through their existing channel network.

Prominent companies and wellness entities have approached Natura Petz Organics for partnerships surrounding our herbal expertise. This is a unique opportunity because they are high profile and well respected companies in the pet wellness industry. We have also had discussions with a few organizations to create specific blends to promote across their channels.   

We own an 8,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Pine City, MN. Because we own the facility, we are able to run a 24/7 operation, produce 10,000 bottles of product per hour, and have a second clean room ready for expansion. Our facility is cGMP and certified organic.

We also have had a ton of press coverage from the likes of Pet World Insider, Pet X Expert Talks, Pet Product TV, Pet Age Magazine, Pet Business Magazine, Pet Products News Internationally, Dogs Naturally, Dogs Naturally TV and will be an expert speaker at the 2015 OMICS International Nutrition Conference for human health in Chicago talking about the vital role that South American Adaptogens play in addressing human health. We have a lot of press connections and will continue to leverage these relationships to spread the word about Natura Petz Organics.

Up Next: Continue expanding our retail and distribution channels and launch our new line of products. Next year, we will take our existing product line and make it even more specialized. For more details, please contact us directly. 


Heidi Nevala, Founder & President
Heidi is a lifetime entrepreneur. She spent 14 years studying herbalism while living in South and North America and Europe, which greatly influenced the Natura Petz Organics and Natura Herbs Organics product lines. She also spent 25 years as a direct manufacturer, including a modular furniture business which was the sole source provider for the Department of Defense. She also owned and operated a stone and wood industry manufacturing and design company with clients including Marriott Hotels, Nordstrom, Bank of America, and General Growth Properties. She serves as Natura Petz Organics and Natura Herbs Organics lead market definer and idea generator.

Robert Semrow, Media Consultant
Robert is a media influencer and consultant for Natura Petz Organics. He is a consultant to C-level executives in the pet industry. He has spent 25+ years in the finance and insurance industry and 10 years in the pet industry, including Pet World Media Group, Pet World Insider, Moment with an Insider, and the Pawtographer. He also serves as a pet industry consultant to large high profile companies in the pet industry. 

Erin Terjesen, PR & Media Alignment
Erin is the owner of Propel Communications, a PR and marketing service for both human and pet industry companies. She provides key media alignments within the pet industry and serves as a speaker for Pet Age magazine education initiatives.

Alec Demos, Manufacturing Oversight & Retailer Alignment
Alec has 40+ years in manufacturing and finance including a collection of successful entrepreneurial businesses and is a partner in a number of business ventures.

Tom Hegge, Finance Oversight & Convenience Alignment
Tom has 40+ years in manufacturing and a collection of successful entrepreneurial businesses. He took a small Wisconsin cheese business to a national distributor and sold the company as its peak. He has been repeating the same business model since.

Contact Information:

Heidi Nevala
Robert Semrow
Erin Terjesen
Alec Demos
Tom Hegge

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