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Aug 10, 2015 7:34 PM ET

Archived: DCWKLY.com: a guide to restaurants, nightlife, local news, dating, fashion, music, and events

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015



DCWKLY.com is a guide to restaurants, nightlife, local news, dating, fashion, music, and events. Our site helps you decide where to party and where to eat, and gives you information on what’s going on in DC daily. Introduced on March 15th 2015, we’ve gained a good following with over 200,000 page views and 60,000 visitors. These numbers have proven to our team that people interested and engaged with the content we have to offer.

We recognized the huge potential for DCWKLY.com and this is why we decided to launch a kickstarter campaign. We’ve done the research, and this campaign will be a huge step in continuing to build a sustainable, long-term business model for years to come.

All of our writers are volunteers who believe in DCWKLY so much they offer their talent to us week after week with no charge. This kickstarter campaign will propel DCWKLY to another level which will enable us to pay writers in the future. We are a team with one goal.


Our mission is to be the go to media source for the 18 to 40 multicultural demographic in the Washington Metro area. Whether written, video, audio and mobile phone apps we will create unique original content for our niche demographic.


There are fashion blogs.

There are music blogs.

There are food blogs.

There are event blogs.

There are dating blogs.

There are news blogs.

There are movie blogs.

There are neighborhood blogs.

There are business blogs.

There are sports blogs.

There are celebrity blogs.

There is NO gumbo of all these blogs until DCWKLY.COM.



We plan on obtaining an office space in Washington DC therefore we can create consistently as a team. We plan to build a video and audio production studio within the space. We expect to have 30-40 writers, 15-20 interns, 10-15 videographers/photographers and 5-8 copy editors on our team. Our website and mobile app will have 50-60 new original pieces weekly, ranging from dating advice, new artist/music, fashion trends, celebrity interviews, local politics and sports.


$5,000 Office/Studio Expenses: Lease, Internet, and Electric

$3,000 Equipment: Cameras, Computers, Microphones and Software

$2,000: Space build out and Furniture

OUR MOBILE APP: Available on both iPhones and Androids



Anwaa Kong is without a doubt the lion of the District. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Morgan State University he has taken over DC nightlife with no apologies. Anwaa has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Jamaica. Today he is a celebrity photographer and DC brand ambassador and taste-maker for popular spirit brands such Ciroc, Crown Royal, and DeLeon.




I’m uniquely qualified to take on all challenges that may come along with this project. Ive been a full-time entrepreneur for over six years. My experiences in branding, marketing, management, media, advertising, design, photography, radio, and budget management have prepared me to lead dcwkly.com. I am the sum of my experiences.

Contact Information:

Anwaa Kong

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