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Aug 10, 2015 8:23 AM ET

Archived: CarSight inc.: To create a successful and widely accepted company that changes the way automobiles are purchased nationwide

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 10, 2015

CarSight inc.

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To create a successful and widely accepted company that changes the way automobiles are purchased nationwide. The goal is to streamline the financial process of purchasing a car while also giving precedence to providing customers with fair financing terms and taking the unknowns out of the buying process. The company will prioritize customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience of the car-buying process.

The product will be marketed to customers looking to get fair financing terms that are tailored to their needs and wants on a car purchase. The service would be especially beneficial to customers with less-than-perfect credit.

The car business is an ever-growing industry. Opportunities for growth are everywhere. Customer dissatisfaction runs rampant in the car-buying industry and an alternative is needed that will reduce customer aggravation and lengthy, frustrating dealership procedures. Consumers want a new way to buy a car in which all of the terms are clear prior to the purchase agreement. CarSight gives customers a better way to buy a car by streamlining and personalizing the financing terms, thereby providing a smoother process from start to finish. This is intended to increase customer satisfaction with both the purchase itself as well as the terms.

The company founder has been a Finance Director working in the auto industry for an extensive period of time and has considerable and comprehensive knowledge of the car buying process. Years of experience in this industry also impart an adept understanding of the way customers feel during complicated, lengthy auto purchases and dealership visits. As a result, the company possesses unique, insightful knowledge that will assist in implementing processes and procedures that ensure customer satisfaction.

Products / Services

Online Consumer Auto Finance Platform

CarSight is a company that creates a new way to buy automobiles. The main resource for the company will be a website in which the customer enters information about their desired vehicle purchase, receives approval for an auto loan within minutes, and is then supplied with all information necessary to complete the purchase with a partner, including the fair price of the vehicle, a fair interest rate based on an approval from a lender, and monthly payment options. This information would be accompanied by a printable certificate the customer would take to participating dealers to quickly and easily complete the arranged transaction.

Contact Information:

Keith Baker

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