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Aug 9, 2015 9:55 AM ET

Archived: Wireless Charged Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s: Extended battery powers your iPhone with over 100% battery life. Charges iPhone & extends battery together by simply setting down

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2015

Zuke is one of the Worlds first iPhone 6 wireless charging battery cases for the iPhone 6/6s complete with a rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery built inside. Zuke cases are light and compact, yet they still manage to be amazingly durable and are able to withstand accidental drops like a champ.(you’ll probably drop your phone at least once, so that’s important:). Zuke takes battery life very seriously, so when we say that our cases double your iPhone’s battery life, we mean it and can back it up! We’ve even integrated an on/off switch that enables you to use your battery case whenever & wherever you are. Additionally, you can charge your iPhone wirelessly by placing down on the charging pad or manually plugging in. we’ve integrated an LED status indicator to let you know exactly how much juice you have left at anyime. Zuke cases are simple & easy to install on your iPhone 6/6s.

Our Story: Zuke’s journey started as a simple one, however something was missing from the shelves. Searching every store and online retail brand, we were unable to find a unique wireless charging battery case that was wireless and truly fulfill our needs. This eventually turned into a concept of making our very own wireless iPhone battery case. One that wasn’t bulky, wire-free, and had better resistance of protecting the iPhone. Not to mention how inconvenient it is when your iPhone dies on you again, right in the middle of that conversation you wanted to finish today..That’s why we’ve set out with our team to create an external battery case that’s thin, light, less of a hassle to carry, & came in a great variety of stylish colors. Get rid of the wires and charge your battery pack & phone together with Zuke.

Compatible with the Apple iPhone 6 and 6S, Zuke holds and powers up your iPhone securely while on-the-go. Metal and rubberized materials protect against bumps and scratches. Rechargeable 2100mAh external battery With a 4-light LED battery status indicator that alerts you to how much power remains. Acoustic sound enhancement Open ports act as an actual speaker box, redirecting sound to the front of the case, resulting in a richer, fuller sound quality.

 Our team put a lot of hard work & effort into the overall design & functionality of the product. We challenged many obstacles integrating a wireless charging chip into a such a thin device & have came a long way.

We have refined the prototype and triple checked everything to ensure as smooth a process as possible when we begin production. If we reach our funding target, Daniel, CEO, and Benji, Marketing Director/ project manager, will personally oversee the production process and ensure quality control.


We developed the product for the last six months and went through several prototypes before we finally had something that felt right and decided on our final design. Our battery case and charging pad is designed and made from the best quality ABS, and aluminum materials that fit your phone seamlessly . Every detail was important to us and we ended up with a product that is absolutely stunning.


We have a manufacturer lined up overseas and are geared to begin  production. They have provided us with the prototypes and our first working Zuke battery cases as seen in the video. We’ve been working closely to ensure Zuke will be a quality product that minimizes environmental impact (through efficient packaging, fewest shipping hops, etc). Production time from start to finish for a MOQ order consists of 3-5 weeks including shipping time. The first step in the process is making the order, then the materials are brought together before production. Once everything is assessed and organized the manufacturing process begins from molding to assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping.

We believe that Zuke can make iPhone users’ everyday lives just a tiny bit easier. We have the design and the drive, now we just need funding to bring Zuke to market. If we are successfully funded, we will be able to do a first mass production run of Zuke, including investing in the up-front machining and material costs.

High Quality Product at an affordable price?

Our mission with the Zuke battery case was to create an innovative product that was high quality, with a wireless charging concept to make our lives easier and beat the market price. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot to get a good quality battery case for your iPhone. We spent a significant amount time to make sure we could manufacture an affordable product and not compromise on high grade materials or quality. We’ve sourced the best materials available and found the right manufacturer making this a win-win situation for everyone!

How to Install

Easily snap off the bumper and slide your iPhone into the case allowing the charging port to connect to the bottom of the charger. Firmly Squeeze the iPhone to the back of the case and snap the bumper back in place putting pressure on all four corners until safely and securely the bumper fits in seemingly with the case. To turn on/off your battery case press and hold the Zuke button located to the left of the Led indicators. Charge and sync data using your micro usb cable or wirless charging pad included inside. An instruction manual will be provided with your Zuke battery case for any more support using the case.

 Easily Plug in & Set down to charge

Designed to launch

It was extremely important for us to find a manufacturer who provided great quality and trust. We have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort in making certain all details of the battery case are perfect. With this new product, we are aiming for a whole new level of fit and finish. Our appearance model prototypes have been tested and proved to be on of the first iphone 6 wirless charging cases made so far. The next step is building the tools needed to manufacture the battery case for our Kickstarter backers and the public.We’ve done everything we can to ensure our Zuke case launches successfully and with minimal setbacks. The product, as well as our processes to make it, are streamlined, so you know we’ll ship the product to all of our wonderful backers as soon as possible.

Makes a great gift

You probably know a few people that either already have the iPhone 6 or are planning to get one. The ultra slim Zuke battery case is a perfect gift for your Apple-loving loved ones. We would love to make this a reality, so please pledge for one or more Zuke Battery Case and help us tell your family & friends, pass the word about the project & share with them.

 So that’s it, Kickstarter..ZUKE, ultra-slim wireless charging battery case is the story of a surprisingly simple product that charges, protects and showcases your iPhone 6/6s. We hope you like it.


We need your support to make a larger order of cases to get our product to market. Your funding will also help us by placing a first significant component order so we can get the anticipated price level we are seeking. Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing crowd-funding source which means if we do not reach our goal we do not receive any funds. Zuke will continually grow and expand with your help by developing new versions of the battery case for the newer iPhone’s.With your contribution you can help us make Zuke a reality and get it to market. Once our project is funded our main goal is to get Zuke Into big box stores.

We are so grateful for your support. The success of this project depends on you and only you. Thank you Kickstarter!

-Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., no endorsement implied.

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