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Aug 9, 2015 1:29 EST

Signal Power: What the future of light looks like at night

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2015

Signal Power

Signal Power



Signal Power has developed and produced the most innovative and advanced portable LED lighting solution for the event, construction, and disaster relief industries. Signal Power is the only company in our industry to design and build the actual LED lighting specifically for the mobile lighting industry. In addition to the most advanced lighting available, the HYBRID Towerintroduces disruptive intellectual property to the industry, with a primary patent on the hybrid system, a second patent on the tower and six additionalpatents pending. The HYBRID Tower is a significant leap forward in the mobile light tower industry.

Light towers are the single most common piece of equipment in the $41 billion per year North American rental market with over 100,000 light towers units sold per year in North America. A single company purchased over 8000 light towers in 2014 alone. The portable light tower market is beginning to undergo a dramatic change from traditional halogen lights to LED lights.Signal Power has a unique opportunity to offer replacement, re-fit, and offer new types of utilization for an ever expanding market.

Ease of use, longevity, durability, lower power consumption, and a significant tax credit make the HYBRID Tower an obvious leap beyond traditional light towers. In particular, the lower power consumption from the most advanced LED lights means alternative power sources such as batteries and solar are effective. However, with patents in place, the HYBRID Tower opens up new markets in video surveillance, cellular communication, advertising, and border security.



Contact Information:

Doug Zukowski

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