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Aug 9, 2015 11:00 AM ET

Archived: Community Indoor Soccer complex: to build a community Indoor Soccer complex in the city of Kissimmee, outside of Orlando, FL

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 9, 2015

Community Indoor Soccer complex



  Our goal is to build a community Indoor Soccer complex in the city of Kissimmee, outside of Orlando, FL. With a new MLS team and the growing of soccer in the United States, we are ready to give to our community another opportunity to play the great game. We currently have youths playing in store parking lots, tennis courts, outside hockey rinks – anywhere they can basically. Although it’s great to see the game being played everywhere, they don’t have a soccer home. Our complex will be everyone’s home. Were everyone in/around Orlando can come and play. Soccer is played around the world, and we hope our complex brings everyone together. 

  Our indoor complex will give our community youth security, by playing indoors and with professional personals on staff. It will have leagues for kids and teens. Being indoor allows for year round play, regardless of season. Our summers can be extreme, but you can still enjoy the safety of playing, an indoor game. 

  We are putting our savings into this and are looking for funds to complete the first stage of gathering the land and starting construction. Our goal is to have multiple “micro-courts” and one full size grass soccer field. 

  Funds will go towards walls surrounding the field, turf installation, netting, and lights. Any amount over will go towards constructing a kids area and spectator area. Enhancing the building to ensure a quality indoor soccer environment. Funds will go towards a snack area for our kids leagues and summer camps. We want this space to be a welcoming home for all soccer players, mainly our youth. Your help will kick-start a new era for indoor soccer in our community.

Thank You. 

Contact Information:

Andres Jaramillo

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