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Archived: Changing The World, One Cosplay At A Time

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Cosplay For Justice is a East to West Coast team of volunteers, started by a brother and sister, who initialize fundraising in very unique ways, through the art of cosplay.  What is cosplay?  Cosplay is “costume play”, wherein the person not only is in costume, but embodies the actual character that they are portraying.  Superhero or warrior-based characters are especially important because of the complexity of the dynamic.  Out of great tradegic occurrence, situation or illness which tends to mold an individual in a specific way, they can either walk a path of twisted malice (villian) or a path of justice (superhero), this is what drives Cosplay For Justice to enlist this attitude towards the work that they do.  Cosplay For Justice takes great pride in high quality costume design, scouting unique and exciting locations, charitiable-minded models/volunteers who are passion about the cause, as well as the character whom they are portraying and of course, great photography.  All of this effort is to ensure that the cause that they are fundraising for is given the proper attention to secure donations for difficult to fund organizations, hence, “changing the world one cosplay at a time.”   Look for exiciting projects and fundraisers from Cosplay For Justice in 2016 and 2017!

Contact Information:

Ali Peppers-Kral
Collaborating Leader of The East Coast Team
Cosplay For Justice

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