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Aug 7, 2015 3:57 PM ET

Archived: Tree Club- Social Reading App: Tree Club is a mobile application for social readers which allow users to create virtual and private book clubs among other things.

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 7, 2015


Tree Club will be a free mobile application that provides a platform for virtual and private book clubs. Imagine the integration of Kindle and GroupMe or a combination of Nook and Google Hangouts.  

Social Readers will be able to host private discussions, motivate club members through spoilers, view club members’ reading progressions, and save words from readings in their own personal glossary. Tree Club will include a bookstore, provide unique bookmarking, and personalize club’s/ user’s profiles with names, avatars, assigned readings, and so on.

We have a list of additional creative features that trumps all other e-reader apps combined. However, we know having a sound core is essential so today we are seeking funds to support our initial entry into the mobile apple market. Our goal amount will be used towards the development of core features and refinement of the user interface design. If we exceed our goal amount, we will be sure to incorporate additional features into the app that will improve the overall user experience. 


  • Sum up development and user interface design- September 2015
      • Conduct beta testing- October 2015
      • Tree Club entry into the Apple App Store & Google Play Store- December 2015                                                                                                  

This Is Just The Beginning!!

Core Features 

  • My Readings
  • My Clubs
  • Reading Progressions
  • Spoiler Alerts
  • My Glossary 
  • Bookstore 

Interactive Prototype: http://b85gwt.axshare.com


  • Enjoy reading eBooks from the palm of your hands.


  • Create multiple book clubs and give each its own identity. Privately discuss your favorite books among your inner circle.


  • Track book club members chapter to chapter progress.


  • Motivate book club members to catch up on their readings by creating spoiler alerts. Or maybe you’re the one that needs to be motivated. 


  • Save words from readings along with book references. Review definitions and pronunciations. Share newly learned vocabulary.


  • Through our affiliate partnerships, we will provide users access to an abundant catalog of eBooks that will cater to various literary palates. 


  • Refinement of user interface design.
  • Development of Tree Club for entry into Apple App Store.
  • Development of Tree Club for entry into the Google Play Store.
  • Developer registration fees.
  • Development of bonus features.


WRISTBAND- $5 Pledge

  • Personalized tree club wristband 

MUG- $25 Pledge

TREE CLUB TEE- $30 & $35 Pledge 

LUCKY BAMBOO & BONSAI TREE- $20 & $100 Pledge

  • Favoring technology does not mean you can’t have a green thumb. 


  • Receive android brand e-reader/ tablet 
  • Personal invite to participate in beta testing of app 

VIP LAUNCH PARTY- $1500 Pledge 

  • Round-trip airfare to West Palm Beach, FL 
  • One night stay in 4-star hotel 
  • Dinner with founders and team 
  • Chauffeured to launch party in downtown West Palm Beach


Tree Club’s founders are not here to debate what form of reading is more environmentally friendly. Nor are we against those that love the feel of a book cuffed in the palm of their hands. The fact is that those who read a high volume of books will serve the environment better by switching to eBooks. Hence, why we favor eBooks. 


We are two college buddies that are always overly eager to do more than simply share a good read with others. We love to discuss and experience a good book in a group setting. Sustaining a book club proved to be difficult given the busy lives of our like-minded friends and family. To add, our personal network of social readers stretches across the country. This barrier and others are what inspired the idea of Tree Club. Craig, the engineer, supplies the vision while Damon, the project manager, quarterbacks the process. We are a couple of sharp guys but don’t know it all. Therefore, our team is growing.

Contact Information:

Tree Club

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