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Aug 7, 2015 9:54 EST

SmartKiosk: Revolutionizing the Department of Corrections

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 7, 2015




SmartKioskCompany.com is an innovative technology company, showing strong growth with revenues doubling every year for 4 years straight, with unique technology and current Patents pending. SmartKiosk specializes in leveraging new technology inside correctional facilities to create operating efficiencies, better security and a new revenue stream. Ultimately reducing operational cost and saving the Taxpayers money.


SmartKiosk has lead the industry in innovative technology in correctional facilities since 2009 by implementing the first of its kind, two-way inmate email system inside a County Jail. Smartjailmail.com, an advanced controlled email system for inmates had never been heard of in a County jail at that time, but has proven to be a win-win solution for all involved. Achieving better communication, a paperless environment, improved jail security, huge operational efficiencies and a new revenue stream.

Since the inception of the SmartKiosk system back in 2009 the SmartKiosk communication platform has expanded to many features that have ultimately transformed correctional facilities. Taking what was once an archaic outdated facility using hand written paper notes for communications between jail staff and inmates as well as inmates and citizens outside the jail, the SmartKiosk system has brought corrections into the 21st century by providing a complete electronic communications platform for inmates.The SmartKiosk has become a self-service station for inmates allowing all communication and all personal information for inmates to be now self service, documented and controlled, without the need for agency staff to be directly involved with daily inmate requests, questions, complaints, commissary orders, account balances or hand sorting and delivering inmate mail. This system massively reduces manual labor for correctional facilities every day, while providing the fastest cheapest form of communication for inmates since the history of incarceration. Anual Revenue

Our business model and what makes the SmartKiosk unique? In a nut shell, our system is provided totally free to correctional agencies. It saves the agency money, improves security, and provides a new stream of revenue. For the inmates, they can now keep in touch with friends and family in real time and at the same cost of a postage stamp, without having to wait 3 days for the mail to be delivered to them. For our company, its an upfront investment by installing the kiosk system throughout the facility, our investment is secured with a long term multi year contract with government agencies that produce strong consistent residual revenue.

Agencies are happy and look progressive, the inmates and families are happy to finally have inexpensive, fast communication. SmartKiosk is making strong residual revenue while helping the community and the Taxpayer save money and stay connected with family. Everyone wins.

The corrections industry is very large (2.2 million inmates) and is also a closed door industry. Agencies do not welcome new companies or change. 90% of the current businesses in Corrections have been in the corrections industry for many years and contracts are won through very competitive RFP process that require many years in business and many clients. Our company was the exception to this rule because we were years ahead of the curve with bringing this technology to the industry before it was even known in the industry and no other company provided a system like ours. This allowed SmartKiosk to build a trusted client base and reputation without having a prior long track record. A near impossible feat in this industry.

Fast forward to 2015 and SmartKiosk is being recognized for having the best technology system in the industry by both agencies and other corrections companies, because of this SmartKiosk is experiencing explosive growth. We started with one location, a Florida County jail in 2010 and now we service 8 states, 18 different agencies, contracts signed in 6 more agencies waiting for installations and 12 new contracts currently pending. SmartKiosk has also been approached by many large companies in the corrections industry in 2015 to become a strategic partner and provide our technology to their customers. In the past 6 months we have formed 3 new strategic partners all with a different core business than SmartKiosk, but service correctional agencies as well. SmartKiosk is also currently in negotiations with the largest company in the corrections industry (Multi Billion dollar company) that currently has over 50% market share and is very interested in providing our system to their clients. Large companies in the corrections industry have found it is a better fit for them to partner with a known proven solution such as SmartKiosk, make their customer (Agency) happy and allow their company to focus more on their core business, be more competitive in the market by leveraging our system with their service, instead of trying to recreate the wheel and become a competitor of ours, only starting years behind us.

This situation leaves our company with a huge opportunity for growth at a rate that is so fast we can not keep up with our need for capital with out of pocket growth or even traditional funding. For that reason SmartKiosk is looking for private lenders who want to make a strong return on money lent.

Contact Information:

Jon logan
jim logan
Justin Scott

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