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Archived: My Childhood Ramadan: Empowering Children to Love Ramadan Through Storytelling

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My Childhood Ramadan

A Ramadan Seen Through the Eyes of a Child

Ramadan as seen through the eyes of a child is magical. It is a time we come together as families and as a community to celebrate the most amazing spiritual renewal.

Think back to your own memories of Ramadan as a child. What is that one memory that stands out most for you? What are the sights sounds and smells that bring you back to Ramadan as a child?

The world loves to hear the Ramadan stories of children.  We would also love to hear your story as well. 

Turning Vibrant Stories into
Animated TV Series

We will be collecting stories of Muslim children and adults from around the world through out Ramadan. These short stories will paint a picture of the diversity and richness of Muslim life while fasting. We want to hear descriptive stories of life during Ramadan from rural villages in Asia in the 1950s, to the bustling streets of Cairo, to a small masjid in the mid-west of the USA. During the last week of Ramadan, we will select the finalists. These winning stories will be turned into an animated TV series. 

My Childhood Ramadan
LaunchGood campaign will result in an animated 2D series of the best of these stories. Your story and the stories of your children have a chance to become a regular feature on Muslim Kids TV (www.MuslimKids.TV) and potentially be broadcast on other TV channels too.

2 categories of entries:

– Adult’s stories – we will accept submissions from adults telling the story of their most memorable Ramadan as a child.
– Children’s stories – these will be the fresh experiences of children as they see Ramadan with their family, friends and communities.

Sample ideas (Adult) – My memories of Peshawar as a child

Sample ideas (Child) – Spending Ramadan with my Auntie Rehab in Libya

Empowering Children in a
Safe, Online Environment

Muslim Kids TV believes in empowering Muslim children. 

Our motto is Building a Better Muslim generation. As adults we need to create every opportunity to allow our children to push their limits and showcase their talents. We need to encourage them to become media savvy. Muslim Kids TV offers families and communities access to a safe online environment for children. 

The site is like a “Netflix” for Muslim children.
There are over 200 videos as well as computer games, educational content and interactive challenges. The site is advertisement free. Our videos are on private servers so children enjoy a proven safe online experience free from inappropriate distractions.

Muslim Kids TV has a solid track record in developing child-centered content. Much of this content is developed by children for children. 

Muslim Media is Value-Based Entertainment

Your financial support will go a long way in nurturing and developing the Muslim media industry. More than ever before the world needs clean, moral, values-based entertainment.

Your financial support will…

1) Reward the story finalist with a small cash prize

2) Hire child narrators to voice the stories

3) Record the soundtracks in a professional recording studio

4) Enable the composition of original theme nasheeds

5) Allow visual artists to produce the artwork

6) Bring together a team of animators to finish the stories

Visit Muslim Kids TV and follow us on Facebook.

Your Worthy Support 

There is nothing that builds a child’s confidence and self-esteem more than having their talents recognized for the world to see. Our children deserve this kind of acknowledgement and empowerment everyday.

It is time that our children learn to proudly celebrate and share our beliefs and culture with the world. It is also time for us to stand together collectively to make Muslim media a reality. Do we really want to sit back in apathy and wonder in 20 years from now why there still is no Muslim media industry?

Let’s act today! Let’s act right now!

What better time to celebrate than during Ramadan!


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Muslim Kids TV

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