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Aug 7, 2015 6:53 PM ET

Archived: 27 % at BRIGHTSPACE: raising money and raising awareness about access to galleries for people with a disability

iCrowdNewswire - Aug 7, 2015


The story of the project

My name is John Puli I am part of the 27% of people in Australia who have a mental illness and/or disability. 27% at BRIGHTSPACE is my project. The project will focus on raising money and raising awareness about access to galleries for people with a disability.

The exhibition at BRIGHTSPACE will be launched on 3rd December, International Day of Persons With Disability and will feature live performances, poetry readings and of course visual art. This will be a ticketed event. Facebook Event.

How the funds will be used

The funds raised will be put towards the overall cost of  installing a stair-lift at BRIGHTSPACE Gallery. The stair-lift will assist those who cannot use the stairs.

Currently the BRIGHTSPACE Gallery is inaccessible to persons with a disability who may not be able to climb stairs. People who use wheelchairs cannot currently access the space. People with general mobility challenges also find it difficult.

The stair lift installation will make it “pozible”  for hundreds if not thousands of new people to visit  BRIGHTSPACE Gallery and to see the incredible work they have on display.

I am working closely with BRIGHTSPACE Gallery Director, Kylie Greer to make our shared vision a reality.

Kylie is a highly experienced and passionate Gallery Director and is in charge of obtaining quotes for the access improvements. Kylie is also responsible for the overall access improvement building project.

We have received a quote of $20,000 for the stair lift. So this is where the funds will go.

Some of my other work

I am an artist who draws every day. I am part of the 27% of people in Australia who have a mental illness and/or disability. I have been making art all my life since I was 4 years old. I started when I painted by twin brother with house paint! My dad had to scrub my brother and I with turpentine to get it all off. I wasn’t punished though as the doctor said i had been punished enough.

I have exhibited in many galleries all over the world including Italy and The United Kingdom.

I have a modernist, abstract style of visual artist, which is honest, simple, playful, joyful and sometimes whimsical.
The Cunningham Dax Collection has 4 of my art works and I have shown work at The Skin Gallery in Carlton in group shows.
I am leading the project known as ‘27% A Year of Ideas’. In this project I will focus on creating a new series of drawings that represent the ideas, the routines, and the simplicity of the everyday.

The project will culminate in an exhibition at BRIGHTSPACE, opening on 3rd December 2015. My show, as part of the 27% exhibition will highlight accessibility and the money from works sold will also go towards making BRIGHTSPACE more accessible. This Pozible campaign is also to support the fundraising effort.


Some obstacles could include not enough people coming along to the launch event at BRIGHTSPACE Gallery. In order to alleviate this I need to make sure I send out plenty of invitations, put up posters and fliers in cafes and in letterboxes around the area.

I am working closely with both Arts Access Victoria and The Port Phillip Council to make sure that 27% A Year of Ideas is well promoted to as many people as possible.

This is why I have chosen to raise the funds through a number of avenues, this Pozible campaign is one. Also the event and exhibition on 3 December will include an art auction where all the money raised will contribute to the overall fundraising campaign. All artworks will be donated in order to raise money. I myself intend to put 12 original art works in the exhibition.

The performance event on 3 December will be a joyful celebration of ability which will not only help raise funds but also awareness.If all the money is not raised post the campaign and the exhibition, then I will keep trying using other methods until I reach my goal of making BRIGHTSPACE  more accessible.

Contact Information:

John Puli
Cathy Horsley
Kylie Greer

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